New year, new blog

It’s really annoying when you set yourself New Year’s resolutions, and then actually keep them and achieve them by the year’s end. Not because you achieved those particular aims (obviously, unless you’re trying to use reverse psychology on yourself, in which case, good on you, you loony), but because, if you’re anything like me, you get to the end of the year and think “Hey, I’m awesome, I should aim for even bigger things next year while I’m on a roll.”

This is exactly what has just occurred (by exactly I mean kind of exactly, as I achieved most of my goals in 2011).

I have been guilty of overambition for 2012, and I am sure this will cause me great pain and exhaustion over the coming twelve months. I also think that if I get my head down and stick to my goals, it will be an amazing experience, and an amazing year.

So without further rambling, here are my goals for 2012. Many of them are writing related, as you will notice, but for those who know me, this won’t come as much of a surprise….

  1. Relearn the guitar: A long time ago, I bought a guitar. I probably bought one because I was a teenager and all my friends played guitars and so it was just kind of a natural thing to do. Over the years since, I have bought a couple more guitars, and gone through different phases of playing it more or less, until eventually, a couple of years ago, I just stopped playing. I now have a really nice guitar that actually sounds good, so I need to do this guitar justice and learn to play it not only properly, but play it well.
  2. Become healthy: Yeah yeah, the most predictable of all the resolutions. The problem here is that I am only twenty five and my last few visits to the doctors for general check ups have not brought good news. I also often feel tired far too easily, and considering how busy this  year is going to be, I simply cannot stay this way any longer. I don’t plan on doing any silly gimmicks or fads, just simply running, going to the gym, and eating healthily, which will incorporate learning to cook a wider variety of meals than just the barbeque and chicken parmigiana.
  3. Sort out my finances: Long story short, I’ve been in financial strife for a couple of years now. In about six months time, I won’t be, if I stick to my plans here.
  4. Travel Overseas: I keep talking about travelling overseas, but keep finding excuses not to (to be fair, not having the money is a pretty good reason, though a reason which as I have just discussed will cease to exist very soon). This year I will be travelling overseas somewhere. I plan on buying the ticket mid year to travel somewhere at the end of the year. I am pretty determined not to budge on this one.
  5. Watch 100 films: It might seem odd to give a number to the amount of films I want to watch, but one of the best bits of advice I have ever been given when it comes to goals and resolutions is to make them measurable. I love films, but I just don’t watch enough of them, mostly due to bad time management and that kind of thing. 100 films is not as much as it sounds – only 2 a week – and I’m not limiting myself to having to go to the cinema – DVDs and TV films are included in this too (as I couldn’t afford to go to the cinema that much, frankly). By setting this specific goal, and recording on paper what I watch and when I watch it, I should be viewing a lot more in 2012 than I did in 2011.
  6. Read 50 books: Every year I set this goal, and every year I miss it – just. Again, I record what I read and when I read it, and have done so for a couple of years to try and see how what I read influences what I write. Will I make the 50 books in 2012? I’d better, or I’ll be really cranky with myself…
  7. Write 12 novellas: When I finished my third NaNoWriMo novel last November (a worldwide event in which hundreds of thousands of people write 50 000 word (or more) novels in thirty days), it occurred to me that I write a lot for one month of the year, then become awfully lazy about my writing for the other eleven months of the year. At first I thought I would resolve to write every day, but then decided to give this more structure by trying to write 12 novellas (approx 30 000 words each) over the course of the year, attempting different genres with each one. I posted this idea on both the forums on the NaNoWriMo website and also created a Facebook page for it, and both have attracted the attention of a few dozen other writers who are now attempting this with me. This is perhaps my most challenging goal for the year, but I am so determined to beat it, and so excited about how it will help me grow as a writer.
  8. Involvement in writing groups: 2012 will see me involved in several writing groups. Firstly, a local writing group that came from a few of us meeting up during the last NaNoWriMo. Secondly, a fellow teacher is establishing a writing group at the school I teach at, and naturally I will be involved in that, too. Lastly, I plan to create an official region for my local area for NaNoWriMo this year, and will more than likely put myself down for Municipal Liaison for it (in other words, I’ll be organising all the local events and that kind of thing).
  9. Poetry Writing Month: Yes, it turns out there’s a Poetry Writing Month event out there. It’s not all that big from what I can gather, but the idea has caught my attention – write 30 poems in 30 days, over the month of April. I have been wanting to get back into writing poetry, so, what better way to do so than this?
  10. Script Frenzy (maybe): Script Frenzy is the sister event of NaNoWriMo, run by the same people. Essentially you write a 100 page script of any kind, movie, radio, or stage, and write it all in 30 days. The maybe is referring to the fact that this is also in April, and as I have done this once before, I will decide at the time whether or not I can fit it into my already frantic schedule that month.
  11. My fourth NaNoWriMo: This is kind of obvious (especially considering point 6), but I will be completing this again this year. Whether or not I will incorporate a novella into it, or do this on top of the Twelve Novellas challenge, I have not yet decided.
  12. This blog (and other online writings): Although I already write occasional blog posts for the website I also write articles and reviews for, at , I feel I want to have a blog that is my own – somewhere I can write more personal posts, somewhere I can write completely random, irrelevant or silly posts about whatever takes my fancy (whereas my posts on CastleCo-Op tend to have at least a certain amount of cultural relevance and/or significance). For me, writing this blog won’t be taking away from my writing at CastleCo-Op, but will be something I will do on top of it, for different purposes.

And there we have it. My goals for 2012 – and yes, I wrote 12 of them. That was actually a complete coincidence, honest. Anyway, join me next time, when I, erm, write about some other thing. Maybe ducks or something.

9 thoughts on “New year, new blog

  1. Good to see you blogging! You are fantastically ambitious, but that’s a good thing. You have to be sure to post a list of those 100 films at the end of the year. I’m sure people would love to see what you’ve been watching 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m kind of exhausted reading about them so I guess u will definately be exhausted when the year comes to a close (if we are all still here at the end of it) its definately better to be exhausted than idle. good luck with all your projects, I look forward to reading about them. Congrats on your new blog too.

  3. Um….I know you’re and English/HSIE teacher, but maybe you should check with the Maths department that there are enough hours to actually fit this timeline in…..
    Seriously….Good luck with all that.

  4. Thanks for the support everybody!
    As for finding the time to do all of this, I actually also planned to discover time travel this year, either that or find a way of freezing time. Nah, I should be fine, I just have to remain focused and be tough on myself. I will also be losing considerable sleep, but oh well.

  5. If you’re okay with streaming movies online, I know a website you can go on for goal five. TV kind of restricts your time by having commercials and set times. DVDs help alleviate that but I know I don’t have 100 movies on DVD that I haven’t watched and new ones take time to come out.

    Anyway, that’s quiet the hefty set of goals you got there. As someone who loves to be overambitious, I’ll be cheering you on.

  6. Sounds amazing!! I love that the list is ambitious:) Please do share as much of your progress with us as you can! As they say, no rest for the wicked, yeah? Or at least I keep telling myself that as well. Thanks for the comment on my site also!

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