30 Day Book Challenge Day 3 – My Favourite Series

I keep waiting for a day with this challenge where there will be a clear cut winner, but it never seems to be that easy, and picking my favourite book series is no exception. I struggled immensely with this one, and surprised myself with the answer in the end, so before I get to my favourite series, I’d like to briefly discuss a couple of others that I have loved over the years.

First of all, I have to mention a series which has already been included before in this challenge (yesterday, I think), a series lovingly known as The Hitchhiker series by Douglas Adams. This sci-fi “trilogy in five parts”  pokes fun at, well, just about everything, and there is quite simply nobody who writes like Adams, making these books uniquely funny and insightful. For me personally, I read these first when I was a teenager and my reading habits were pretty bad (as they often are at that age), but this series helped me back into a good reading routine, and for that reason will always have a special place on my shelf (when none of my friends are borrowing it, which is rare).

Another series I love (though I must admit I haven’t read every book in the series) is the Jeeves and Wooster series of novels by the fabulous P.G.Wodehouse. Wodehouse was the master of playful language, and his stories about the silly aristocrat Bertie Wooster, and his ever present and ever helpful butler Jeeves, are some of the most charming tales you will ever read. I love to read Wodehouse when I just want to escape and lose myself in a good book, and luckily for us, the man wrote nearly 100 books in his lifetime, of which a significant portion form the Jeeves and Wooster series. If you’ve never read Wodehouse, I strongly suggest it, but warn you now: it is addictive.

My favourite book series, however, is one I perhaps didn’t even realise was my favourite until after I had read it, and many other books, and then gone back to it a while later. Louis de Bernieres, a writer famous for the beautiful Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, as well as Red Dog (which has become popular since the recent movie adaptation), started his writing career with a trilogy set in a fictional South American country, and it is this trilogy which, when I look back, is my favourite book series of all time. The titles alone had me interested, consisting of The War of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts, Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord, and The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman. Each of these three books are set in the same area, and feature many of the same characters, but focus on different themes and events, the first focusing on guerilla warfare, the second on drug trafficking, and the last one on religious fanaticism. All three are amazing, especially when you consider these were the first books de Bernieres wrote, and it is no wonder he went on to become an award winning and best selling author. I would definitely recommend these to anybody without hesitation, as they are all stories which will stay with you long after you have read them.

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