Writing Half a Novella in Two Days, or, Adventures in Insanity

The last couple of days have been brain draining to say the least. As some of my regular followers may know, I am attempting a lot of various writing goals this year, one of which is to write 12 novellas across the year, one a month, at approximately 30 000 words each, covering 12 different genres. The idea behind it is to keep me writing continuously all year long. I must confess when I came up with the idea, I hadn’t realised I was going to blog as much as I have been doing, but hey, this whole blogging thing is pretty addictive.

But I digress. Halfway through the month, I started my novella over, leaving myself with only two weeks to write the same amount (because I don’t want to fall behind). Fast forward to yesterday morning, January 30, and I was only sitting on 14 000 words, and felt a little bit behind halfway through the story (not that I really had any idea where this story was even going, mind). I sat there and had that debate with myself. “You can’t write 16 000 words in two days, don’t be stupid.” “I bet I can. I bet I can do it. I’ll drink lots of coffee, and I’ll do it, you watch.” “No you won’t. What if something happens? What if you suddenly need to bake 10 cakes? What if you suddenly need to donate both your arms? What if you’re magically teleported to a dance party on the moon?”

You know, the usual debate people have with themselves when a hugely demanding task of any kind is staring them in the face.

Anyway, just moments ago, I finished that novella. I wrote about 10 000 words yesterday, and the rest today, and my brain is actually whirling from it all, in both a good way, but also an exhausted way.

You would think after all those years at university, I would have learned the lesson about not leaving things until the last minute. Turns out I like to see how far I can push the whole “leaving it until the last minute” concept.

It is a terrible novella I have written, based on an idea I came up with two thirds of the way through writing it, but if you want to actually read it (and brace yourself if you do), my January Novella, a dystopian comedy called Unlocked (I just decided the title right this very second), will be slowly available to read at the Castle Co-Op website – just click on The Outlet, go to The Library, and you’ll see it there chapter by chapter (the first four chapters are already up).

How are you all going on your different writing goals? I would love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “Writing Half a Novella in Two Days, or, Adventures in Insanity

  1. Glad you managed to complete your first novella of the year. I’m certainly not doing as well as you, unfortunately. Good or bad, I haven’t done any writing except on my blog. I think I’ve fallen back into bad habits. I’ve got to push that motivation button and get moving!

    • It is so easy to fall back into not writing creatively though, and so hard to get going again, so I completely understand where you are coming from! You’ll get back to it soon enough I am sure! 🙂

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