Silly and funny books that are worth your time

I realised earlier that it has been a little while since I last blogged about books, so I thought I would return to the main topic of my blog once again. Having finished the 30 Day Book Challenge, I realise I still haven’t talked about, well, most of my books! So while I will have new books I’m reading which I plan to review on here, I also figured it would be fun to go back over some books I have already read, and perhaps find fun and new ways to explore them as well.

So today I thought I’d look at some silly books that I thought were worth reading (I suspect I will do a few blogs on this topic over time). Silly books are often underrated, lumped in the humour section that often is ignored and badly displayed in a lot of bookstores. And, to be fair, a lot of books I have seen in the humour sections in stores do tend to be a little on the mediocre side, but there are some great, silly and funny humour books out there that can be easily missed if you’re not actively looking for them, so I’m going to show some of my favourites, starting with three for this post.

1. Great Lies to Tell Small Kids by Andy Riley

This book is a hilarious, delightful collection of lies to tell small kids, along with illustrations. Andy Riley has written lots of these kind of books, and from this particular book spawned a sequel, plus Wine Makes Mummy Clever and Beer Makes Daddy Strong. Some of my favourite lies in this book include “it’s unlucky not to name every ant you see,” “all wind is made by wind farms,” “two in every forty thousand cars leave the factory as siamese cars” (the illustration for this one is fantastic), and my personal favourite, this one:

You should definitely find the time to read through this book and its sequel, as they are both funny, heart-warmingly mean, and good for ideas.

2. The Feckin’ Book of Everything Irish by Colin Murphy & Donal O’Dea

The full name for this book on the front of the cover is The Feckin’ book of Everything Irish that’ll have ye effin’ an’ blindin’ wojus slang, blatherin’ deadly quotations, beltin’ out ballads while scuttered, cookin’ an Irish Mammy’s recipes, and saying things like ‘I will in me arse.’ Pretty much, that name covers the things to be found in this book, which is essentially a hilarious guide to the language and culture of Ireland, and a good way to learn a lot about the country while having a few laughs along the way. This book is also an omnibus of several smaller books (hence the ridiculously long name). Definitely worth a read.

3. The Alphabet of Manliness by Maddox

If you are easily offended, or likely to be offended by stereotypes of what makes a man particularly masculine, you will probably be offended by this book. If you are not easily offended, you will probably still be offended by this book. But in a good way, I promise. The author is insanely popular on the internet for his long running blog The Best Page In The Universe, and more recently I Am Better Than Your Kids, the latter of which has since been turned into a book. This little gem quite literally goes through the alphabet, identifying each letter with something about being a man; for example, “A is for Ass-kicking,” “I is for Irate,” “J is for Beef Jerky,” and so on, all done with lengthy explanations and illustrations. This book isn’t for everyone, and tends to be either loved or hated by most people. But I would certainly recommend it to people who possess a sense of humour not easily offended.

So, have you read any of these books, and if so, what were your opinions? Do you have any silly books you think are great and perhaps a little underrated?

9 thoughts on “Silly and funny books that are worth your time

  1. Oh, that ‘Great Lies’ book sounds wonderfully evil! I know just the person to buy that for and her birthday is coming up! I’ll read it myself first, of course! The ‘Everything Irish’ book sounds as though it would be great book if you wanted to get a feel for the vernacular when writing an Irish character into a story. Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂

    • Hahaha yeah the Great Lies book is very funny. I just realised someone else at my work copied one of the drawings/lies up onto a pinboard. Made me laugh when I realised.
      That is very true about the Irish book. I also have a book called “Rhyming Cockney Slang” which is useful for much the same reason. 🙂
      And not a problem, I think I will be recommending more along this theme soon actually!

  2. I think I should pick up the Everything Irish book as an unconventional preparation for my trip to Ireland. Thanks for the suggestion! Hope your novella is going well. If you need someone to bounce ideas off, let me know 🙂

    • Hahahaha, definitely. It’s got some interesting things in it, and it’s fun to read as well.
      And thank you, I have just returned from a mini holiday (which I just blogged about actually), so hopefully I will have a bit more motivation over the next few days to keep working on my novella! 😀

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