Lucky Seven Award/Meme/Thing (a bit of fun for fellow writers)

Recently (as in, last month), I was nominated for the Lucky Seven Award/Meme/Thing (it shapeshifts between blogs, as these things often do), and this nomination reminded me that not quite as recently (as in, back in March) I was also nominated for it by somebody else, and mentioned (but “left alone” due to an abundance of such awards I had been nominated for) by a third person. These three blogs, WeelilWimsy, Roshrulez’s Weblog and Mywithershins, respectively, are all fantastic blogs by amazing people, so if you haven’t read them before, please do, because otherwise you are missing out!

Now, on to what I’m supposed to do. The rules are as follows:

  • Go to Page 77 of your manuscript
  • Go to line 7
  • Copy next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs into your post
  • Give the award to 7 more writers

I have lots of manuscripts going simultaneously at the moment, many at different points (and many nowhere near as far along as they should be, I hate to admit). So I’m going to take my excerpt from the manuscript of my January novella (the first of twelve for this year, if I find a way to freeze time), which was given the working title Chrono-illogical . This novella is very much in a first draft form, where it will likely remain because it’s one of the silliest, most bizarre stories I have ever written. For fun, I’m not going to provide any context for this whatsoever. Here goes:

“Okay, so let me get this straight. You guys are barely even human, and I am, against my better judgement, ancient. Apparently, also against my better judgement, this is a good thing for me. Except that you guys want to study me for some reason, and then eat me. Have I missed anything?”

Am I really losing my temper with a group of beings who are almost certainly the cause of my imminent demise? I am a clever sausage aren’t I…

Now for the writers I want to nominate…I am going to change this a little bit. A number of people have already been nominated for this, but due to a seeming lack of actual image for the award for most of the posts on it, it’s hard to track down exactly who has been nominated. And so….

I nominate YOU!!!

In other words, if you are a writer, and have not yet been awarded this award/meme/thing – take it! It’s yours! I am giving it to anybody who writes and reads this post! Tell me you are doing it, and I’ll add your name to this post and link to your page, so you still get the linky goodness!

Happy writing and reading! I’m off to get my nerd fix from watching QI.

10 thoughts on “Lucky Seven Award/Meme/Thing (a bit of fun for fellow writers)

    • Thank you. It is a really silly story, I wrote half of that novella in two days. This excerpt falls somewhere in that two days, and if you read it slowly enough, you can just about feel me actually losing my mind! 😛

  1. Congratulations! After these thoughts I’ve read on your excerpt I do believe this now requires you to finish the novella! Since you are such a clever sausage I’m quite positive you can do it and the world would be filled with silliness, and if my opinion counts the world is in grave need of more silliness! 🙂

    How did this ancient one end up in such a quandary? Are they really going to eat him? I mean, I get the study part. They (barely human beings) absolutely have to study something that has run across them that is ancient. To not do so might be a grave error on their part, yes? or maybe no…hmmm….

    See, I am completely hooked! Onward with the story! 😉

    Interesting idea to nominate EVERYONE! Have you any takers as of yet?

    • Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked the little excerpt. I did finish the first draft of that novella, but I’m unsure as to whether or not I want to return to it, to rewrite it and make it halfway decent. If I do, it won’t be until next year probably. 😛
      I am trying to remember how this character ended up in this situation. By memory I came up with something along the lines of him being abducted at birth by a time traveller, who happens to be the bad guy. I think the future beings do actually try to eat him, and I can’t remember how he got out of it? The story got overly complicated far too quickly because I was writing it so quickly!
      I am thinking I might try and write some more short stories and post them up though, in their entirety, just for a bit of fun. And no doubt some of those stories will be silly 😛
      I actually haven’t had any takers yet…I suspect a lot of people already have this award. Oh well. I’ll leave it as it is for now… 😛

      • I shall keep an eagle eye watching for any short stories you decide to share. With your ease and love of humor I have no doubts that they may contain silliness at some point.

        A lot of people already? Really? I had no idea this award existed. I was attracted to your post because of the graphic you used. 😛 No, seriously that was the reason. I think this image should be adopted for the award since you say one doesn’t really exist. Also, if the rules were page 7, not 77 there might be more takers. (Now, I’m over-thinking! Haha)

        • Hahahaha thank you! I have to write one actually for some students I promised I would write a story for, so maybe I will post that one up if it’s not too awful.
          I’m not too sure if a lot of people have the award already or not. I started going through the list of blogs I follow, got maybe a third of the way up and realised I had found nobody yet, at which point I came up with the idea of making it anybody’s. One of the two blogs that nominated me for this used this graphic, so I agreed it was a good one and used it too. I did think page 77 was odd too – not to mention a lot of people might not have WIPs that were up to page 77. Oh well. Such is life. 😛

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