30 Day Music Challenge Day 2: Best band/artist you’ve discovered in the past year

This one is remarkably easy to decide. Somewhere around the start of the year, I was flicking between channels on the television late at night when I stumbled across the start of a movie. The movie began with someone busking in a street with an old guitar, and it was something about that song that I think captured my attention, forcing me to lower the remote control, and continue watching the film.

That film was Once, and that busker was real life musician Glen Hansard, who, along with Markéta Irglová, forms the folk rock duo The Swell Season. Both members are the main characters in the film, which although fictional has similar parallels to their real lives around that time, and they both wrote the entire soundtrack for the album, taking some songs from their debut album released the year prior. Since that film (in 2007), they have also released an album called Strict Joy, and after releasing solo albums over the last year or so they are now apparently planning to work on a new Swell Season album as well.

For a taste of The Swell Season, watch the clip below, a recording of their song When Your Mind’s Made Up which features on their first album and also in the film Once:

I think this might be the first band I’ve discovered from watching a film (if you don’t count the movie This Is Spinal Tap), so I am glad I didn’t change the channel that night.

Have you ever discovered a band through a film?

What’s your favourite band/artist you’ve discovered in the past year?

7 thoughts on “30 Day Music Challenge Day 2: Best band/artist you’ve discovered in the past year

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  2. i loved that movie. i thought his guitar was going to fall apart but my hubs who’s also a musician said it must have an amazing sound for him to keep it. i’m always discovering new music through movies – mostly because of my audiophile hubby. in the last year? just one band? gosh, that would be hard, but i think my favorite would have to be blind pilot.

    • Hahaha I was thinking the same thing about his guitar. It looks like he’s had it a long time and he still uses it now, several years after that film, so it must sound amazing. It definitely has a bit of soul, that guitar! 🙂
      Audiophile hahaha, I have never heard that term before, but I think that could describe me just as well as bibliophile does. 😛
      I have heard of Blind Pilot before, but don’t think I’ve heard them. What do they sound like? I wonder if I’d like them? Hmmmmm….

      • exactly. if he puts up with my book obsession, i should totally deal with his music obsession. blind pilot is within the same genre as glen hansard and they are definitely deep and soulful with a lot of acoustic guitar driven tracks, especially on their album 3 rounds and a sound. the title track is one of my favorites. give it a listen. you might like it.

  3. Okay, I’m late to the party here – but I owe you this much:

    I just discovered a band called Langhorne Slim & The Law (http://www.langhorneslim.com/) and their new album “The Way We Move” has been on constant rotation. I recommend it because it is Rock ‘n Roll at its finest – raw, pure, and slightly unnerving energy wrapped up into brilliant song writing. Give ’em a test drive if you haven’t already!

    • Ooh, just listening to a little bit of this band, I really like them! I will have to see if I can track down their album (there’s always buying it online if all else fails), this is definitely up my alley!
      Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

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