30 Day Music Challenge Day 7: Favourite band/artist from each decade since the Sixties

This topic kind of explains itself, so here goes (I will try and be brief, as we have a lot of decades to get through):

The 1960s – The Beatles

No surprises here, especially for those readers who read my favourite bands post I wrote recently. I love The Beatles and always have, and I not only have all their albums, but most of the albums the members have released post-Beatles, too. This year in fact marks 50 years since The Beatles’ first single, ‘Love Me Do’, was released (and I have a calendar celebrating this). I also have a lot of Beatles memorabilia, including posters, pencil cases, clothes, and much more.

The 1970s – Led Zeppelin

Again, no surprises – the only real competition here, for me, is Pink Floyd, who come a very close second for this decade (to be fair, PF released albums in 4 separate decades). Led Zeppelin are one of a small number of bands who helped give rock music a certain energy and power which it lacked in the previous decade, and which continues in the genre to this very day. LedZep were also very diverse, dabbling in a range of other genres from blues and folk to funk and reggae.

The 1980s – Crowded House

Although Crowded House continued well into the 90s, and reformed after a ten year break in the 00s, they formed in the mid 1980s and were met with almost immediate success in Australia and New Zealand, with some great songs that had catchy pop hooks but retained a certain intelligence and elegance to the songwriting process. I remember hearing these songs as a very young boy, and they will always have a special place in my music collection. (In the following clip, the actual song starts at about 1:40)

The 1990s – Red Hot Chili Peppers

This one may come as a surprise to some, as I didn’t mention them in my top ten bands list. This is because while I loved this band in the 1990s, as I was growing up, their albums in the 1980s were, at best, average and silly, and since the 90s they have become progressively more predictable and lacklustre. But in the 90s RHCP had three fantastic albums, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, One Hot Minute, and Californication, and all three of these albums sit among my absolute favourites, and “Under The Bridge” as one of my favourite ever songs (and also the song I’ve sung the most at Karaoke).

The 2000s – Ben Folds

As Ben Folds Five broke up at the end of the 90s, Ben Folds continued to make his piano-based music, and actually shot to a much more widespread fame very quickly at the start of the next decade. Throughout the 00s, he released several albums which all differed in sound yet retained that trademark wit and energy for which he has come to be loved. Seeing him perform live with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House in 2006 really opened my eyes to just how amazingly talented this guy is, and if you haven’t listened to him before you really are missing out.

The 2010s – ???

I am not going to answer this decade, as we are only in the third year and so have a long way to go. But there are many new and exciting bands appearing on the scene, with a strong return to good music becoming the trend, and so I am excited to see what is yet to come.

What are your favourite bands of the past few decades?

What predictions do you have for who might be the best bands of the coming decade?

14 thoughts on “30 Day Music Challenge Day 7: Favourite band/artist from each decade since the Sixties

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  2. I wasn’t prepared for that, I clicked on the Beatles video and as soon as the first bar sounded tears of nostalgia popped into my eyes and by the time it finished I was a wreck. Sigh – they were so young and lovely and all that stuff was still to come, I know time moves on and in reality (apart from John) they have had a good life (I know it was sad about George but that’s life isn’t it, some people just don’t live as long as others) but that was really moving. sob sob

    • Ohhhh! 😦 Doesn’t that just show the power of music though, that it can be so connected to memory and emotions like that? In a lot of ways that really is quite amazing!
      But yes, it is amazing (and scary) to look at that, and think how long ago it was and how young they all were – I bet nobody back then knew what incredible futures they all had ahead of them, in that decade alone, never mind post-Beatles. I always have to smile when some of my teenage students reveal themselves to be enormous fans of The Beatles as well…it seems their appeal has not faded after all this time. 🙂 And we’ll never have a band like that again who’ll change the landscape of music so much.

  3. Yes, hard for me to call any other group a ‘favorite’ one because of the memories the Beatles music give me. I was raised on them, and then I raised MY children on Beatles music, so we all sing all the lyrics all the time. Just got Paul McCartney’s newest cd and it’s lovely — sounds like he’s singing his memories.

    • I think that’s the great thing with The Beatles, the thing that will keep their music alive – being passed down to generations like that. I know I’ll be raising my children one day on Beatles music. 🙂 And yes, I agree, McCartney’s newest album is just lovely, and it’s great to see him releasing music so regularly even as he gets to that age where he could, quite easily, just stop.

  4. I don’t think I could pick any band from each of the decades that I could call my favourites. There are just certain songs that I can relate to each time period. I do agree with your choices for the 60s & 70s, though.

    I hadn’t heard of Crowded House before, but I love his collection of vintage toys and his car is awesome! His music isn’t bad either! lol

    While I’ve heard of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I don’t know too many of their songs. I have to admit, ‘Under The Bridge’ was pretty good.

    I thought Ben Folds’ video was pretty interesting. A rather quirky song, but I liked the way the music and lyrics defined the video so well. When they switched places – what a great psychological premise, trying to get into the head of another person! Maybe if everyone did this, there’d be a lot less conflict in the world. 🙂

    • It was quite hard to pick just one band for each decade, and I’m sure some of these I would change my mind about on a different day! 😛
      Crowded House are an amazing band, absolutely one of my favourites. The singer in that band, Neil Finn, has been in the music business for over 30 years now (and his older brother Tim for 40), and they are both still making amazing music in their various projects.
      Under The Bridge was a great song, though it feels almost out of places on that particular album, as it sounds so different to the rest of songs.
      I love that Ben Folds’ video – I was going to put on a different song and then I remembered how good this clip was, so chose this one instead! I really liked that collaboration between him and Regina Spektor too – her songwriting is quite similar to his in some ways. Interestingly, the album of Folds’ that this song comes from was all written as he went through a messy divorce, and so many of the songs are quite, hmmm, bitter, to put it nicely. But still very entertaining.

    • Hahaha, when I was a kid and a young teen I loved their music. Seeing them in 2002, at the age of 16, was my first big stadium concert. Sadly, it was a little after then that I lost my interest in them, as their music started to suck. I think for me maybe it’s more a nostalgic thing? I remember hearing Under The Bridge A LOT as a kid (and the rest of that album was incredibly funky, even though the lyrics were so bad hahaha), and Californication (the whole album) was played heavily on the radio at the turn of the century, as I was all teenage and angsty, and I guess they just appealed to me. I don’t really listen to RHCP too often these days, and if I do it’s normally one of those three albums I mentioned. But I notice a lot of people who have similar music tastes to me don’t like them too much, so it must be a little oddity of mine. 😛

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