30 Day Music Challenge Day 10: Most underrated band/artist

This one is difficult to decide, because there are just so many underrated bands and songwriters out there. But if I pick eleventy artists for each topic of this challenge, my goal of keeping the posts relatively brief will slip ever further from the realms of possibility.

So after whittling it down to a few artists, I have chosen Matt Costa for this one (though really I wouldn’t say he is the most underrated, just one of many who all share this description). I first discovered his music through Jack Johnson, as he has sung with JJ before (I think I first heard him on the Curious George soundtrack), and he has also toured with JJ many times and is signed to JJ’s label, Brushfire Records. I know that in some parts of the world he might not be underrated, but I feel he is underrated at least here because whenever I have mentioned him most people simply reply with “Matt who?”

He has released three albums on this record label, with a fourth one supposedly coming out later this year. The first album, Songs We Sing, was essentially a collection of songs he had previously released independently on EPs, while his second album Unfamiliar Faces was similar in sound to the first, but taking his songwriting skills a bit further. But it was his third album, Mobile Chateau, which really caught my attention, having a more retro feel which I guess just appealed to the nostalgic in me.

The first song here is “Mr Pitiful”, the first single off his second album, while the second song is “Drive” off his third album, so you can get a feel for how his sound differs.

Have you heard of Matt Costa before? If not, what are your thoughts of his music so far?

What bands/artists do YOU think are underrated?

4 thoughts on “30 Day Music Challenge Day 10: Most underrated band/artist

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  2. I’m really not familiar with the current musicians of the day, so I can’t really comment on which ones I think are underrated. I am certainly getting a musical education through your blog this month! I do like Matt’s music, reminiscent of some of the Beatles’ old numbers. That’s probably why I like it, too – the nostalgic sound of it. 🙂

    • True, although I think there are some older underrated bands too. But I do know what you mean – the music world now is enormous, and I never feel like I’m even close to having heard everything good there is out there to hear. But I am constantly discovering new bands, and often on purpose (the other day I bought an album purely because I liked the sound of the band and the cover art – turned out to be amazing psychedelic electro rock music, which was a nice surprise). But it is fun to know I am introducing readers to a lot of new music, and I guess I am trying to do that where possible, too.
      I agree, a huge part of the appeal of Matt Costa is that nostalgic feel to his music. He has a great voice. 🙂

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