30 Day Music Challenge Day 11: Most overrated band/artist

So I’m going to keep this one quite brief. In my opinion, the most overrated band is…


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they’re bad, because they’re not. They’re quite talented. It’s just that they’re pretentious, and seem to be becoming more so with the passage of time. And to top this off, the Queen influence on their last album and, by the sounds of it, their upcoming album, is about as subtle as The Great Wall Of China, or The Great Pyramids. I love bands that are influenced by the greats of rock and roll, but surely when you’re at the point of having half a dozen albums, you’d be trying to establish your own sound more, not less?

Anyway, as I said, they’re not bad. I have all of their albums so far, and particularly like their first three or four albums, but am losing interest in them as time goes on. And their last album was played so much on the radio here I never want to hear again.

The song I have included is their song “Survival” which is being used as the official song of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

What do you think of Muse? Good, bad, or okay but overrated?

What bands do you think are overrated?

9 thoughts on “30 Day Music Challenge Day 11: Most overrated band/artist

  1. This was going to be my choice for the challenge! We are completely on the same wavelength with this one. I thought they were okay when I first heard them – just the right amount of catchy without being annoying. And then EVERYBODY starting talking about how awesome they were and comparing them to Radiohead (this got me very, very mad) and now I can’t stand them. They’re mediocre, at best. That’s all.
    Other overrated bands? Tool. And (forgive me) Police.

    • Hahaha, so glad you agree with me on this one! And yes, they went from being compared to Radiohead earlier in their careers, to being compared to Queen more recently. GET YOUR OWN SOUND, DUDES! Hahaha.
      I know what you mean with Tool. Again, don’t hate them, I’ve even seen them live and they were pretty good. But people act like they’re the best band ever, and they’re just not, they’re very very hit and miss I find. I only love 2 albums of theirs. And The Police – I only have their greatest hits, and that will be enough for me. 😛

      • Queen? Please. Freddie Mercury’s vocal range and versatility? HA.

        Yes, I think that’s what gets to me – the fact that people act like they’re music gods. They aren’t. Oh, and talking to Metallica fans also gets me a little wound up. Okay, they had some really good stuff early on, but then they started sucking, so accept it, find another band that’s really good, and move on! Claiming that they’re the best metal band ever isn’t called being loyal, it’s a little childish.

        Haha, I’m not that lucky. My mum likes The Police and so we have quite a few of their albums at home. 😛

        • Oh I more meant they are trying to sound like Queen in terms of the dramatic sound of some of the songs, and also with the guitar playing (there is some on their last album that I swear sounds freakishly like Brian May, and it wasn’t him, so yeah that kind of annoyed me as May had quite a unique way of playing).
          Haha, yeah I can agree with the Metallica one too. I have and love Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets and the Black album, and I know they had a couple of okay albums too, but I mean, Load and Reload were just awful, St. Anger was one of the worst albums ever, and I just didn’t care by the time Death Magnetic came out. Like you say, people need to stop claiming they’re the best metal band ever. 25 years ago? Sure. Now? No way. 😛

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  3. I completely agree with you on this one. I really don’t like the Queen sound in this song and of all the songs out there, I don’t get the Olympic committee picking this one as their theme song. Why? Because it has “I want to win” in the lyrics? Playing to Win by The Little River Band or We Are the Champions by Queen would be better than this. Just sayin’. 🙂

    • Phew, here’s me thinking I’d stir the pot a bit and people seem to be agreeing with me on this one…so far. Hahaha. But yes, I don’t like the way they have the Queen sound in this song, it’s kind of pretentious I think, not a clever way of showing the influence. And I don’t get why the committee chose this song, but I suspect they might have actually asked Muse to write the song for the Olympics specifically, as Muse are probably one of the biggest bands in the UK at the moment, at least on an international scale.
      Ahhh The Little River Band…haven’t listened to them in a good long while. I should rectify this soon. 🙂

  4. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but in this case, I’d say the original sound is a whole lot better. Like Jenny said, We Are The Champions would have made a better Olympic theme song than this one!

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