30 Day Music Challenge Day 21: A band/artist you wished more people listened to

For this one, I am going to pick both a band and an artist who are essentially one and the same – the band is Porcupine Tree, and the artist is Steven Wilson. For over twenty years Steven Wilson has been the frontman for Porcupine Tree, as well as being involved in other projects such as Blackfield, No-Man, Bass Communion, and most recently Storm Corrosion. However, he has also released two amazing solo albums, and has just finished writing songs for his third solo album, due out sometime in early 2013.

Why am I picking Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson? Because their (and his) music falls into the progressive rock genre, a genre that seems to be ignored by a lot of people, for a variety of reasons. To be fair, as with any genre, there is plenty of rubbish prog rock out there, but to me Steven Wilson and all his various bands are in a league of their own – he is taking his music to new and exciting places, constantly reinventing himself while retaining that trademark sound and intelligence brimming behind the songwriting. He also has a deep understanding of the production process, which allows him to actually come close to producing music that matches his ambitious musical vision.

He has certainly become a lot more well known in recent times, however, with Porcupine Tree having been on a major label (Roadrunner) for the past decade, and with his music, both studio and live shows, constantly getting strong reviews online and in music magazines. Considering the song from one of his solo albums I am posting on this has nearly 700,000 views, I think it’s safe to say he has gained more than a cult following. But, I still do find that except for my friends who also love his (and their) music, many simply do not know who this is, and that is why I wish more people would listen to it.

I’m including two songs here, the first is a live version of one of my favourite Porcupine Tree songs, “Trains” (it’s somehow more brilliant with the broken string bit in the middle of the clip), and the second song is the video for “Harmony Korine”, which is off Steven Wilson’s first solo album. But don’t stop here, it’s worth listening to a lot more of his/their music, as it is all fantastic.

Have you heard of/listened to much music by Porcupine Tree or Steven Wilson? What are your thoughts if so?

What bands/artists do you wish more people listened to?

5 thoughts on “30 Day Music Challenge Day 21: A band/artist you wished more people listened to

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  2. “Have you heard of/listened to much music by Porcupine Tree or Steven Wilson? What are your thoughts if so?”
    YESYESYESYES! I love your choice for this one. And it’s true, even though they’re pretty well known now, I still find a lot of music enthusiasts who haven’t listened to them/him. Which is sad, really. But then again, there’s something about his music that makes me want to keep it a secret. Is it just me, or do you feel the same? I’m divided on that, actually. I think more bands need to treat their music like he does. He’s sort of like the Christopher Nolan of Prog Rock – everything he puts out, you can expect to be of a certain intelligence. And his music has a sort of..attached integrity to it – like he’s being fiercely faithful to something. Which is what, I think, makes me want to shield it from people who’d just dismiss his music. But I also think if more people listened to his music and appreciated what he’s trying to say through it, the world would be sort-of a better place. 🙂

    • I do know what you mean! But I personally feel I would love more people to know about his (and their) music – it’s so good, and good without being pretentious, too, that I think more people need to hear it, especially other musicians and songwriters. He has such a big vision with his music at times, and he is so darn good and bringing that vision to reality! 🙂

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