30 Day Music Challenge Day 24: A guilty pleasure band

I will be the first to admit that although I love the majority of my music, I also know that I like a lot of pretty dorky or cheesy bands, the sort of bands which people either love, or which make people squirm in embarrassment and awkwardness. I have many guilty pleasure bands, and I’m proud of it.

One which springs to mind right now, however, is Electric Light Orchestra. While nobody can deny that they were clever and innovative in both their sound and their live shows, after several decades their music does come across pretty…cheesy. But I still love it anyway, and I still think it is necessary listening, at least some of their albums such asย Out of the Blueย and Discovery.

Here are some of my favourite ELO songs (the middle one, sadly, has limited visuals, because the sound was better on this one (but the awesomeness of the third clip makes up for it)):

11 thoughts on “30 Day Music Challenge Day 24: A guilty pleasure band

  1. Hey! ELO isn’t cheesy! I used to like them as a kid! I haven’t heard too much of their music, but they were amazing when you just wanted to bop your head and grin like an idiot. ๐Ÿ˜›

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    • Hahaha, no no, not at all! Music is always a personal thing, and despite me mocking my own tastes, deep down I think people should never apologise for their music taste. I certainly don’t, hahaha ๐Ÿ˜›

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