Things I drink when reading and writing part 3: Cider and Ginger Beer

As some of you will know from previous posts, I often enjoy drinking coffee and tea when reading and writing (click here and here for those posts). But I also love lazing around with a book and some cider to relax, particularly at the end of the working week, so I thought I would share some of my favourite ciders (and also a ginger beer that I bought purely because of its name).

This is probably my favourite cider, and has been for a while now. It has a very oakey taste to it, which I love. However, this is a cider to enjoy in small amounts – I don’t think I could drink a lot of this in a single session. But it is very refreshing and tasty.

This Swedish cider is hugely popular here in Australia, and this particular one has been popular for a couple of winters now. The cinnamon and vanilla make it warm and fuzzy, even when drinking it cold, though it’s lovely warmed up too.

An Aussie cider, I just liked the name of this one. It tastes quite nice though, too. In fact, cider has had a major rebirth in Australia and now lots of cider breweries and micro-breweries are popping up everywhere – as they should because we have perfect climate for making it!

I think Ginger Beard is simply the most awesome name for a ginger beer ever! I love the picture too. This tasted amazing, so I think I might be buying this one again when I get that occasional craving for ginger beer.

What are your favourite drinks to accompany reading and writing?

7 thoughts on “Things I drink when reading and writing part 3: Cider and Ginger Beer

  1. Those are some good looking drinks. Now that summer time has rolled around, I enjoy a cold beer on the weekends when I sit down to write or work on photos. In winter I usually have red wine, usually Chilean, or keep the fixings for a Rusty Nail on hand to warm me up in a pinch.

  2. I really enjoy all of the varieties that Recorderlig makes, and only wish a taste for cider was more wide-spread in the US, because Strongbow just. is. not. the same.

  3. I usually pick up cider over the winter, particularly around Christmas time, especially if I will be entertaining, but have not heard of the brands you mentioned. I did get a chuckle reading the ‘Cheeky Rascal’ label, as well as the ‘Ginger Beard’ one. I haven’t had a lot of ginger beer. The last time I had one was at a little Caribbean diner where a friend and I went for lunch. It was always my understanding that ginger beer was non-alcoholic, but what they served had to be more than just another soft drink. My friend and I were giggly all afternoon! lol

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