Tuneful Tuesdays – Incubus, Anathema and America (the band, not the country)

So, it’s been a while since I wrote one of my Music Mondays posts. Also, today is Tuesday. Anyway, here’s a few albums I’ve been listening to lately, as always I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on these bands and albums.

Also, it appears I’m having trouble embedding clips from Youtube at the moment (is this just happening to me or are other people having issues? Any ideas how to fix it?), so I’ll just post the links to the clips.

Incubus – HQ Live

To celebrate making music together for two decades, Incubus recently played a series of intimate shows at a venue they nominated as their HQ. Luckily, they recorded these shows, and have released them in a wide array of different formats, the one I bought being a double CD plus a DVD of their shows. The CDs altogether include 28 songs, and interestingly group up the songs in such a way that the first disc is mostly older material from their first three albums, while the second disc is mostly the newer stuff from their more recent three albums (in particular their latest studio album). I can personally vouch for how awesome these guys are live, after seeing them earlier this year, so this live album is an absolute must for fans of Incubus. And if you haven’t heard them before, to be honest, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start, either.

The clip I’m linking to here is the song “Nice To Know You” – the song begins about a minute or two into the clip, but it’s worth watching the whole way through.


Anathema – Weather Systems

Anathema are one of those bands who I just took a gamble on. I’d never heard their music before, nor did I know anybody else who had heard their music (or at least told me about it), but I did notice that they were on KScope Records, a label to which many of my favourite bands belong, particularly prog rock bands and artists such as Steven Wilson’s various bands (including some Porcupine Tree albums), Pineapple Thief, and so on. So that was enough of a reason to buy the latest album by Anathema, and it does not disappoint. The album isn’t particularly heavy (as I had guessed), but the songs are often very intricate in structure, showcasing some immense talent, especially on guitars. I also like the way the vocals alternate between a male and a female vocalist, something we don’t hear enough of in music, but especially this genre.

Listen to my favourite song off this album, the opening track “Untouchable Pt. 1”, and let it blow you away as it blew me away.


America – Hearts and Hat Trick

I’ve long been a fan of this band known for their beautiful vocal harmonies and mastery of the simple folk pop song, but some of their albums from the 1970s are hard to find. I finally managed to get my hands on these two albums, and I love them both. Hearts has such well known songs as “Daisy Jane”, “Woman Tonight” and one of my all time favourites, “Sister Golden Hair”, while Hat Trick has “Muskrat Love”, “She’s Gonna Let You Down” and “Rainbow Song”. Of course, the whole album is good in both cases, so if you are a fan or if you just want a trip down memory lane, it’s worth trying to get your hands on these albums.

The clip I’ll show here is of “Sister Golden Hair”, a much loved favourite of mine.


What are your thoughts of these bands and songs I’ve shown? If you’ve heard these albums, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

10 thoughts on “Tuneful Tuesdays – Incubus, Anathema and America (the band, not the country)

  1. I love Incubus! And “Sister Golden Hair” has been stalking me…so I’m not sure why I’m surprised to see it turn up in this post, yet I am! At least it’s a good song 🙂

    • Have you seen Incubus live before? If you haven’t you really must, they put on an amazing show! 🙂
      I do admit, that song (and band) does seem odd in this post, following the first two bands. But I am like that with music often – the amount of times I’ll be buying a few cds that are wildly different, and the checkout person scans them and looks at me like I’m deranged… 😛

      • I haven’t! Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to see very many bands live since they rarely come to my city/anywhere nearby.

        I hear ya on the eclectic music choices though. I think if someone were to look at my music collection they would assume an entire family (including grandparents) shared one computer 😛

        • Ahh that sucks! I have to travel a little bit to see bands, but not too far, usually an hour or so.
          Hahaha yep, my music collection is the same. There’s a lot of music from the 60s and 70s, and a lot from the 90s, 00s and onwards. There’s a little of the 50s and 80s, and a little classical too. But yes…it’s probably not a typical 26 year old’s collection. 😛

    • Ahhh okay?! They are definitely very good, but not what I expected – here they are put in the metal section in music shops, and I don’t think they’re really metal at all. But oh well. Glad you liked the song! 🙂

  2. Tuneful Tuesdays, eh? I like that. 🙂

    Love what you have to say about Anathema, they’re one of my cloudy day bands. And their album art is always astounding. Have you seen the cover of A Fine Day To Exit?

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