More Brain Teasers!

My post on Brain Teasers last week proved to be a lot of fun and a bit of a hit, so I thought I’d follow up with a second post (and possibly more later). These puzzles are taken from the book Enigma, as they were last time.

Again, I’ll post the Brain Teasers now, and I’ll post the answers up in a couple of days, but leave your guesses in the comments below, and most importantly – have fun!

Puzzle One:

Complete this logical series:

o t t f f s s

Puzzle Two:

In a battle, the king is decapitated, his eldest son is hung, and one of the squires has a severed head. Despite this, there are only two victims. How is this possible?

Puzzle Three:

I am four times the age you were when I was the age you are now. I am forty years old, how old are you?

Puzzle Four:

Two fathers accompanied by their respective sons go fishing. Each person catches a fish. Only three fish, however, are caught. Why?

Puzzle Five:

How many times can 6 be subtracted from 36?

Puzzle Six:

I am a shopaholic. I shop at five different places, and spend everything I have in my wallet. In each shop, I spend $10 more than half of what I had going into that shop. How much money did I have at the start of the day?

Puzzle Seven:

Complete the next step of this logical sequence:


Good luck everybody, and have fun – I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

21 thoughts on “More Brain Teasers!

  1. Puzzle 5…. And I am allergic to Maths…. Once… Any more means you are not subtracting it fom 36 anymore…. This is however the only Maths type one I’ll attempt……

  2. 1. Give me an o; give me a tt; give me an ff; give me an ss; Go Big Red!
    2. Because, in the Middle Ages, having a decapitated head was not grounds for being called a “victim.”
    3. I’m older than dirt.
    4. Because one of the people IS a fish.
    5. Under new math, as many times as you want.
    6. Nothing. I’m also a kleptomaniac.
    7. 8

    1. ottffssq
    2. The squire is holding the severed head of the king.
    3. 25 years old.
    4. There are only three fishermen – a son, his father and his grandfather .
    5. Seven times.
    6. $620
    7. 1311611? Okay, this one’s got me stumped.

  3. 1. I have no idea.
    2. The squire didn’t have his own head severed; rather he *has* someone else’s severed head
    3. 25 years old
    4. ?
    5. 6 times
    6. $620
    7. I can’t handle these progression problems!

  4. I have no clue what the first one is. And the last one. What are you trying to do to us, Matt? Fry our brains?! 😛

    2. Did the squire decapitate the king? It was a battle, so maybe the squire was from the other side, and he took the severed head back to *his* king? That’s kinda gross, though.
    3. 25.
    4. This was in a book I had as a kid called ‘Arithmetricks’. 🙂
    It’s just three people. Son, Dad, Grandpa.
    5. Haha, this was in there, too. Just once.
    6. 620.

    The last one is driving me nuts.

    • Muhahaha, the funny thing is, although the first one and last one are tricky, and the answers are clever, they are also quite simple, in an annoying kind of way! 😛
      You’re kiiiind of right about number 2. 3, 4, 5 and 6 you’re spot on about.
      I’ll give you a clue for the last one – say the numbers out loud. It might help. It might not. 😛

  5. 2. I’m still figuring this out, but the squire is holding someone else’s head. Is it the King’s?
    4. Three guys went fishing. Grandpa, his son and his grandson.

    The others are killing me.

    • Spot on for both answers! 🙂 Some of the others are quite hard, it seems nobody has cracked the last one yet, and only one person has figured out the first one (though has revealed the answer in such a manner as to not give away how it works to others, hehehe).

    • Yep, you’re right about one! And I’m guessing if you’re right, you probably know how it works, too. I’m going to post up all the answers very soon actually. 🙂 I think altogether almost every brain teaser has been answered correctly by at least one person, except number 7, which seems to have proved unbeatable this time around. 😛

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