Sunday Sounds

This post marks the return of my weekly music feature, but I’m going to keep these shorter and sweeter, with just a quick blurb about each album that has been on rotation that week, and probably only doing a maximum of three or four each time too. I’ll include clips as I go for you to listen to the artists.

Beacon album coverBeacon by Two Door Cinema Club

The second album by Two Door Cinema Club, Beacon was released back in September to an overall positive reception critically and commercially. The band hasn’t varied greatly in sound from their indie-rock/synthpop feel of their first album, but as far as I’m concerned this is a good thing. The album is light, upbeat, catchy, and solid – there’s no dud songs to be heard here. The second single, Sun, is one of my favourite songs, which is why I’ve included it here:

Gathering MercuryGathering Mercury by Colin Hay

Scottish born California dweller Colin Hay was the front-man for much loved 1980s Australian band Men At Work, who’s song “Down Under” is considered by many Aussies to be an unofficial anthem. But while Men At Work only released three albums, Hay’s solo career has been a lot more illustrious, with quite a number of very good albums under his belt. This is his latest, about a year or two old now, and is one of his stronger albums overall, with some great song writing and of course that inimitable voice of his. Make sure you watch the clip the whole way through – the ending is kind of cute.

Songs In The Key Of LifeSongs In The Key Of Life by Stevie Wonder

Considered to be the greatest of his albums, and the culmination of his most successful period on the back of two other Grammy award winning albums, this double album released in 1976 has become one of the most successful and influential records of all time. It’s funky, it’s soulful, it’s perfectly catchy, and if the songs on this don’t get your feet moving, there is something seriously wrong with you. The clip I’ve included is the jazzy Sir Duke, the second of four singles released from this album.

Other albums I’ve been listening to this last week include Tame Impala’s newer album Lonerism, the double live album Celebration Day capturing Led Zeppelin’s one off reunion show from 2007, and the second album by Metric, Synthetica.

What have you been listening to this last week?

3 thoughts on “Sunday Sounds

    • Ahhh awesome!
      Hope you’re staying safe wherever you are in Australia on this somewhat flammable day. It just broke 40 degrees here on the Central Coast for the first time in a couple of years, but so far there’s no fires near here (that I know of).

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