Sunday Sounds #3

We're Here Because We're HereWe’re Here Because We’re Here by Anathema

I’ve mentioned Anathema before, but last time I discussed their latest album, Weather Systems. This album is the one before their latest, released back in 2010 after they were signed to the KScope label (whose most notable artists include Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree). Anathema tend to be labelled as a progressive rock band these days, but I think that’s oversimplifying things a bit as they clearly take influences from a number of places, and have certainly evolved a lot as a band in the past two decades. This particular album is stunning, with many songs starting off quiet and beautifully before bursting with energy and transforming into something else entirely. Just listen to the album’s opening song “Thin Air” up loud and you’ll know what I mean:

KosciuszkoKosciuszko by Jebediah

I mentioned the solo act of Jebediah’s lead singer in my last Sunday Songs post (Bob Evans, which is a pseudonym for Kevin Mitchell), but this is the band he is most well known and loved for. They shot to success in the late 1990s in Australia with a string of alternate rock albums and a great reputation for energetic live shows. I first saw them as a teenager at a music festival, and the first time I ever crowd surfed was while these guys were playing so they’ll always hold a special place in my heart. This is their latest album, released a couple of years ago after a several year hiatus, and it proved very successful across the country, with the single “She’s Like A Comet” gaining significant airplay. While the clip for that song is definitely worth checking out on Youtube (it’s quite entertaining), I’m going to show one of my favourites from the album called “Control”:

Porcupine Tree - Up the DownstairUp The Downstair by Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree, the most well known and successful of Steven Wilson’s many musical projects, have become one of the most important and influential bands in the progressive rock scene over the last twenty odd years. While I love all of their newer albums (and Wilson’s solo material while the band are on hiatus), every now and then I like to go back to their older music, such as this second album from 1993. The influences from the likes of Pink Floyd and other similar bands from the 1970s are perhaps more clear on this album, but it is still very unique and very much Porcupine Tree, ultimately defying genre. While far from my favourite album by this band, it still is very good, and contains one of my absolute favourite songs by them, “Synesthesia”:

What have you been listening to this last week? What are your thoughts on these songs I’ve shared?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sounds #3

  1. ‘Thin Air’ would make a marvelous theme song for our local ‘Thin Air Writer’s Festival’ held every September. Too bad they aren’t a local band that could come and play at our Opening Ceremonies, or something! 🙂

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to access ‘Control’ – it ‘wasn’t available’ in my country. 😦

    The background music of ‘Synethesia’ kind of reminds me of the ‘Knight Rider’ theme song! 🙂

    • Ahhh awesome! Yeah I think they’re a UK band if my memory serves me correct. You never know, it could be worth a try 😛
      That’s a bummer you couldn’t see Control! Though I’ve noticed that’s on a different youtube channel to some of their other songs…try looking up “She’s Like A Comet” on youtube by them and see if you can access that (it’s much more popular so I suspect it’s had success outside of Australia too, at least a little).
      I can’t actually think of the Knight Rider theme song off the top of my head, but I’ll take your word for it on that one! 😉

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