Sunday Sounds #5

This week I’m looking at albums by Incubus, Tim Finn and Pink Floyd – so hopefully there’s something for everyone here.

If Not Now, When?If Not Now, When? by Incubus

This album was released in 2011, five years after the preceding album Light Grenades, and the masses of Incubus fans around the world wondered where the band was going to go next considering they have already reinvented themselves numerous times throughout their now two decade long career. While some critics oversimplified it by saying this, their sixth album, was a pop album, in truth it is still a typical Incubus album with just a couple of radio friendly songs. The main difference is that this album is much more quiet, much more restrained, and builds up slowly. As a result it takes several listens before it really starts to seep under your skin and pull you in much as their older albums did. It didn’t please all their fans, but I think this is a great album by an awesome band. I’ve included the song “Adolescents”, which funnily enough is probably the one song most reminiscent of their older style.

Say It Is SoSay It Is So by Tim Finn

Tim Finn is best known as the frontman of Split Enz and one half of The Finn Brothers (the other half being Neil Finn, who is most famous for being the frontman of Crowded House). Apart from the odd stint working with his brother, Tim has mostly been a solo artist for the last three decades, with varying levels of success. This, his fifth solo album, was released in 1999 independently, and helped spring his career back into action after a several year break (he has since then released four more albums, plus another Finn Brothers album, and an anthology covering his whole career). I think in some ways the amount of time between this and his earlier albums has been a good thing, allowing for a newer and more creative sound to develop which stayed with him for subsequent albums. I’ve included the song “Underwater Mountain”, the opening track off the album and with one of the strangest film clips I’ve seen.

Wish You Were HereWish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

While Pink Floyd is best remembered and loved for their 1973 album Dark Side Of The Moon, and to a lesser extent 1979’s The Wall, I have always preferred this album from 1975, famous for its incredibly nine part “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. The album features this and three other songs (Shine On You Crazy Diamond plays for about half an hour, with half of it at the start and half at the end of the album), and is bursting with beauty and feeling, compared to the, at times, more intellectually driven albums that were released before and after. The title track is my favourite song by Pink Floyd, and so I have included it here played live, in front of an enormous audience of which I really would have loved to have been a part.

What have you been listening to this last week?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sounds #5

    • Thank you so much for that, very kind of you! 🙂
      I will get around to writing it within the next couple of weeks – I still have another award to attend to before this one. Geeze I sound so full of myself saying that hahahahahaha. But I just don’t like posting them all together…otherwise…I sound so up myself. Dang, I can’t win.
      But thank you again, it means a lot to even be considered for such things! 😀

  1. I liked the Incubus song, but wasn’t able to view the Tim Flinn song because it was blocked, unfotunately.

    ‘Wish You Were Here’ has a very different feel to it than most of the Pink Floyd stuff I have heard and I really like it, too.

    Hubby & I don’t normally go to concerts, but we ended up with tickets to see them when his best friend landed in the hospital and couldn’t go. It was actually his first concert ever (he’s too cheap to buy the tickets and he’s not into music as much as me) He was suitably impressed by the band, which was one of his favourites as a teen. Pink Floyd does have quite a light show that is very impressive, especially as we were at an outdoor venue. Hope you get the chance to see them in concert some time. 🙂

    • Ahhh really? That’s a shame, you’d think these artists would want all the exposure they can get, so I find it odd when they’re blocked overseas.
      Yeah, I agree that song does have a different feel to most of the Pink Floyd catalogue – it has a different feel to the rest of that particular album, too, which is why it stands out like a sore thumb smackbang in the middle of it all. I love it, it just shows a different side to their songwriting.
      Yeah, their light shows always look amazing when they perform. I don’t know if they perform as much under the Pink Floyd banner anymore – David Gilmour tours under his own name (but plays a lot of Floyd, especially from Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here, mixed in with his solo stuff (which sounds similar anyway)), and Roger Waters mostly tours The Wall album. Sadly one of the key members of the band died fairly recently too, so a true reunion show/tour is off the cards. Still, I would love to see them in some form live if I got a chance. They’re not only a favourite, but have influenced so many of my other favourite bands. I’m glad you’ve seen them live, even if I am a little envious 😛

  2. Pink Flloyd’s music makes me want to paint-it sounds like colour to me and I love Tim Finns words, they inspire me to draw his lyrics. Split Enz were the best band I ever saw live. Cheers

    • Wow, what a beautiful description of Pink Floyd’s music, “it sounds like colour”…I love that! 🙂 I agree, both Finns have a way with words, and have loved them in every incarnation I’ve seen them live in. I’m so glad I went to the Split Enz reunion tour they did in 2006, was so much fun!

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