Terrible (and funny) trailers for films that shouldn’t exist

Have you ever watched a movie that was so bad it was good? I know I have, and there are plenty out there that fit under this description. But then there are some movies that are so ridiculous, you can hardly believe anybody even bothered to spend the time or money to create them. Here are some trailers for some of these films.


You know what would be a great idea for a horror movie? Anything except the story of a killer rubber car tyre that leaves a trail of death and destruction behind it. Which is essentially what this film is about, believe it or not. While I laughed during the trailer, I can’t imagine having the patience to watch this film the whole way through.

Titanic II

A film about a second Titanic ship that sails a century after the first one, and pretty much suffers the exact same fate. Laziest story ever, and I just hope they didn’t think anybody was actually going to take this one seriously. It looks pretty terrible no matter how you approach this movie.


When a scientist creates a mutated animal that is essentially a cross between a shark and a giant octopus as a new weapon, it goes on a killing spree and…that’s about it, really. I did nearly choke with laughter the very first time I saw this, a couple of years ago. This is one I would watch just for the laughs.

What terrible movies (or trailers) have you seen? Do you ever watch movies just because they look so bad they might be good or funny?

6 thoughts on “Terrible (and funny) trailers for films that shouldn’t exist

  1. I have a friend who always watches these hokey types of movies, but I have to say, Hubby and I don’t often watch movies where we cannot suspend our disbelief. A sentient tire? Really? And ‘Sharktopus’ seems to be more of a spoof on the ‘Jaws’ theme than a movie we could actually take seriously. ‘Titanic II’ appears to be a cross between ‘Titanic’ and the ‘Poseidon Adventure’. It’s been done already and much better than this rendition, I’m sure.

    I have to admit, though, Hubby picked up a copy of Starship Troopers II which was a hundred times worse than the first one and he insisted we watch the whole thing through, so I guess we’re guilty of watching what we call, not ‘B’ movies, but ‘XYZ’ movies, too, on occasion. πŸ™‚

    • It’s funny, my reaction to Rubber was much the same – I actually didn’t believe at first there such a film could exist. Sharktopus at least looks funny, whereas I think Titanic II would be awful (and as you say, it has been done much better too).
      There’s nothing worse than a bad sequel, as you point out with Starship Troopers II. Actually one of the worst sequels ever (in my opinion, at least) is Highlander II. The first Highlander movie was brilliant, and the fourth and final movie, Highlander: End Game, was pretty decent too (I have never found the third movie, oddly). Even the television series was supposedly good. But that second movie…oh boy it defined dreadful.
      One of my friends purposely used to collect bad 70s and 80s horror films, specifically ones with ridiculously low budgets. They were very entertaining in they own way πŸ˜›

  2. It’s hard to believe these are real movies! Like you, I thought the Rubber trailer was funny, but I wouldn’t want to watch a two-hour movie about an evil tire. Titanic 2 just seems lazy; “It looks like history’s repeating itself.” Really? At least it doesn’t try to pull the romance angle again.

    • Hahaha I know, that’s the line you’re really hoping they don’t say in the film, and they say it in the trailer hahahaha. It’s really quite astounding these were made when you consider how many people must have been involved.

    • Ahhh thank you! I already have that award though so I won’t do another post on it (plus I’m at about 400 followers now so it’d be a bit cheeky of me), but thank you all the same – I do appreciate it! πŸ™‚

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