Monday Music – David Bowie’s new album, Sound City and Crowded House

In this slightly delayed post (hence the Monday Music and not Sunday Sounds) I am looking at two very new albums – the soundtrack to Dave Grohl’s film Sound City, and David Bowie’s new album The Next Day, as well as a classic album by Crowded House.

Sound CitySound City (Soundtrack) by Dave Grohl and various others

Some of these various others I speak of include Joshua Homme, Alain Johannes, Stevie Nicks, Paul McCartney, Trent Reznor, Rick Springfield, Corey Taylor, Lee Ving, Robert Levon Been, Chris Goss and more. The film, directed by Grohl, is a sort of tribute to, and exploration of, the ‘human element’ in music – how we can keep music ‘human’ in this digital age. Naturally a film that will appeal to musicians, songwriters and producers, the soundtrack features all of the musicians who came together to write a rocking good album to go with the film. For more information on the film, check out the trailer here. The song I’ve included is called From Can To Can’t, and features Corey Taylor with Dave Grohl, Rick Nielsen and Scott Reader forming the rest of the band.

The Next DayThe Next Day by David Bowie

His first new album in about 10 years, Bowie’s release has already stirred up a strong reaction in its first few days on sale, rocketing to number 1 on the iTunes charts in over 20 countries on its first weekend. While some good marketing through social media certainly has helped with this, the hype is actually quite warranted – Bowie has delivered an impressive album, full of the creativity and quirky song writing that helped cement his reputation over 4 decades ago now. No two songs on the album sound similar, keeping it interesting until the very end. Not many artists can remain so good at making music this far into their career, but then, not many artists are David Bowie. The clip I’ve included is for the song The Stars (Are Out Tonight), but a word of warning – the actual song doesn’t start until about 2 minutes into the clip:

Together AloneTogether Alone by Crowded House

This is the fourth album by Aussie and New Zealand band Crowded House, and, released in 1993, it also marks the last album to feature the late Paul Hester (who died shortly before the CH reformation in 2007 (they broke up with a famous concert on the steps of the Sydney Opera House in 1996)). This has long been my favourite album by these guys, even though I can’t quite pinpoint why. Overall, it’s perhaps the least pop-oriented album of their first four, though it still had a lot of big radio hits, including Pineapple Head, Locked Out and Distant Sun. Just listen to this clip of Distant Sun and you’ll see why I love this band so much (and why I consider Neil Finn one of the best songwriters on this side of the planet):

What are your thoughts on Bowie’s new album and the soundtrack to Dave Grohl’s new film? Have you heard much from this Crowded House album?

10 thoughts on “Monday Music – David Bowie’s new album, Sound City and Crowded House

    • They have a great sound. Amazing live too, though I don’t know when they’ll next tour – from what I understand Neil Finn is currently working on other projects. But anything he does in his various bands always makes me smile! 🙂

  1. Together Alone is amazing – its good to see other people appreciate it too – Neil Finn is currently working on a solo offering, to be released in October. Cheers J

    • Yeah I had a feeling he was working on a solo album, which is quite exciting. I quite liked his first two solo albums, and I regularly revisit them. It’s always nice to find other Finn fans! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the warning I went straight to the song. It’s great to hear from David Bowie again after so long. I like the Stars song it has strong music beats in it. I also like the words. Agree with the other watson classic Bowie. Hope to hear more. Liz.

  3. David Bowie’s album, aaahhhh!! The most exciting part about this is that he’s probably going to tour and seeing David Bowie live has literally been the only thing on my bucket list since I was twelve. Life is (potentially) good.

    • Glad to hear another strong reaction to both Bowie and his new album. And this is true, he probably will tour…I wonder if he’ll come all the way to Australia though? Hmmm. Mind a lot of artists who rarely come here have been visiting recently, so you never know! 🙂

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