Monday Music: Matt Costa, David Gray and Josh Pyke

Matt CostaMatt Costa by Matt Costa

His fourth album along now, many long time fans of Matt Costa’s work will probably view his latest, self-titled piece as a return to form, for lack of a less cliché expression. His first two albums quickly established a unique sound in the way he writes songs with sweet pop melodies and a voice to match, which was suddenly thrown to the wind with his third album, Mobile Chateau (which, for the record, I really liked). But elements of his older song writing have crept back on this album, which tends to vary greatly in atmosphere with some very soft and quiet songs being interspersed with some quite loud and upbeat songs, such as the lead single “Good Times”. It’s not my favourite album of his by any means, but after only a couple of listens it is fairly solid. The clip that follows is a live rendition of the song “Silver Sea” off this album:

Life In Slow MotionLife In Slow Motion by David Gray

David Gray’s 2005 masterpiece is also one of his most popular albums, and came as a surprise to fans at the time due to the way he had recorded it – after recording his previous two albums at home, he made this in a much bigger studio – an old church that had been transformed into a studio, which he had bought off Dave Stewart. The result was a much more bold and epic sounding record, and as far as I’m concerned much more beautiful song writing – Gray himself counts the songs on this album as some of the best he’s ever written, and one of my friends admitted to me when she first heard this album she was so overwhelmed by it she just cried. The song I’ve included is the (almost) title track, “Slow Motion”, which while not a single still remains one of the most powerful moments of the album:

Only SparrowsOnly Sparrows by Josh Pyke

Josh Pyke is an Australian singer and songwriter who has made quite a name for himself by writing folk-pop songs with poetic lyrics and melancholy undertones. This is his third album, released a couple of years ago now on the back of his hugely successful second album Chimney’s Afire, and while this record didn’t mirror its predecessor’s success, it is still a worthy album and shows Pyke as an ever changing and always growing songwriter. The song I’ve included, while sadly lacking an actual video clip, is my favourite song off this album, and also the opening song, called “Clovis’ Son” – listen to the lyrics and you’ll see why I like him so much:

Have you heard any of these albums? What are your thoughts of them, and of the songs I’ve included here?

What do you think?

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