Vivid 2013 Photos (Epic Sydney Day Trip Part Two)

Vivid is a huge “lights, music and ideas” spectacular that is run across much of the harbour side of Sydney city for a few weeks each May and June. With light shows across Circular Quay (in view of many famous buildings, Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge), The Rocks, Walsh Bay, and over at Darling Harbour an awesome water show timed to music, there is plenty to see once the sun goes down (the show starts at 6pm).

Last Saturday, after the Sydney Writers’ Festival, I spent a few hours traipsing around the city with some friends as we checked out Vivid. I took lots of photos and videos, and thought it was worth sharing some of the photos with you guys (even though I’m a pretty rubbish photographer, but whatever). I might show the videos too in another post, but they’re quite big files – I might need to load them up somewhere else first. Anyway, on with the photos!

01 Customs House

The Customs House. This had several different animations which were played to different songs, and which varied based on the movements of whoever stands on the dancing board behind where I took this picture. Long story short, the videos of this are much more impressive than this photo (I really want to show you the videos for this one).


02 Tunnel Thingy

Not really sure what this was or how it worked, but it did something I believe. Anyway, as you can see, it was quite popular with people swarming through it, so we just walked around it and moved on.


03 - MCA

This is the Museum of Contemporary Art – the animations on this were quite interesting too. The crystal was spinning around, and the animation soon changed to something very different (which I also filmed).


04 House

This famously old house kept changing…


05 House 2

…as you can see.


06 - See Saw

Yes, these are see-saws. Very clever, as a lot of families with kids come down to see Vivid.


07 - Opera House

The Sydney Opera House was a bit disappointing last year, but this year was much better, with the animations constantly changing. These photos are taken from near the Harbour Bridge, and there was music playing there in time to the animations. The great thing with this, though, is that it is visible from so much of the festival.


08 - Opera House 2


09 - Opera House 3


10 - Opera House 4


11 - Circular Quay

Looking back on Circular Quay and The Rocks.


12 - Thing in Walsh Bay

Lying down for a rest in Walsh Bay (where the Writers’ Festival was). Don’t know what these were supposed to be, though.


13 - Disco Balls

Disco Balls!!!


14 - Water Show

The Water show in Darling Harbour. All the water was shot up in time to different songs, and often the water was coloured too. A very nice way to end the night (and I have videos of this, too).


Hopefully, I’ll be able to post a Part Three of this, in which I’ll put up some videos from Vivid.



10 thoughts on “Vivid 2013 Photos (Epic Sydney Day Trip Part Two)

    • Thank you, and lovely to hear your thoughts on Sydney! No matter where I end up in life, Sydney will always be my home city! Hope you find time to come back in the future πŸ™‚

  1. What a fabulous light show! I especially like the images projected on the Opera House. The water display rivals those we saw at Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida a few years ago. I think it would be a lot of fun to visit Sydney during this festival. πŸ™‚

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