Paul McCartney’s ‘New’ Song

As many of my long time followers will know (and newer followers will now find out), The Beatles have long been and will long be my favourite band. So naturally, when I hear news of a new Paul McCartney album, I get quite excited.

Although McCartney has done an album with his side project The Fireman, a ballet (Ocean’s Kingdom), and a brilliant covers album (Kisses On The Bottom), it’s been six long years since he released an album of his own original pop songs. And it seems he has titled this new album, and song, “New”.

The song has been on Youtube for a week and has garnered almost a million views, which isn’t too bad for someone in their seventies. The thing that always amazes me with McCartney is that his voice is exactly the same now as it was 50 years ago when the world first heard it. His song writing style hasn’t changed much, but who says that’s a bad thing?

Anyway, here’s the song – let me know your thoughts on it in the comments section! I myself am very excited for the new album, which is due out next month.

6 thoughts on “Paul McCartney’s ‘New’ Song

  1. I think, when I first saw the Beetles perform on the Ed Sullivan show, I echoed my parents’ view of the new pop group – I was only 6 at the time – but I have since grown to love & appreciate their music and this song is no exception. I love the up-beat tempo so typical of the Beetles’ early songs. 🙂

    • It is very upbeat, which is a nice return to form for McCartney. A lot of the comments on it I’m hearing elsewhere are comparing it to the likes of Sgt. Peppers (a Beatles album which was mostly written by McCartney, coincidentally). Funnily enough, nobody in my family was particularly into The Beatles – I sort of got into them of my own accord in my late teens, as I moved through the world of music with my hungry curiosity. Whereas a lot of the 70s rock bands, such as LedZep and Pink Floyd, I stumbled across courtesy of my Dad. 😛

        • I can imagine it would have been a great concert – I’d love to see him live. Not many artists his age still sound so good, but he’s really retained his voice and musicianship almost perfectly! I think once I’m settled in Sweden I’ll need to nip over to England for a few concerts, and he is definitely one of them!

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