Can’t sleep, NaNoWriMo will eat me…

Okay that’s a lie, I’ve been sleeping a fair bit. What I haven’t been doing much of, though, is NaNoWriMo.

After such a strong start, I got really sick during week 2 which seriously hindered my progress. Then in week 3 I just lost all motivation, my mind elsewhere, and I almost wanted to give up (but I didn’t). So as a result, my stats graph for the month looks like this:

Day 8 or 9 was the point where I was considering aiming for 100 000 words, as you can see. Then it all came crashing down...

What happened?! Day 8 or 9 was the point where I was considering aiming for 100 000 words, as you can see. Then it all came crashing down…

Am I concerned I won’t make the 50 000 word goal? No, don’t be silly. I make it every year and I’m far too stubborn to not reach that goal. But I am disappointed I didn’t make my bigger goal, and even more disappointed that I don’t seem to be enjoying my story as much.

But I think I know why I’m not enjoying it, after much consideration and reflection.

Last year I attempted to write a comedy. But I was in the mood to write something dark and serious, and so I didn’t enjoy writing the comedy. This year I’ve attempted to write something dark and serious. Only now has it occurred to me I’m in a quite upbeat mood overall, what with my impending immigration to Sweden to be with the love of my life, among other things. So really this would have been a prime moment to write a comedy, don’t you think?

I can just never get it right these days. I went to a lot of effort to come up with a strong idea and to plan it all out so it would work really well, but while I love the idea and want to write it eventually, I don’t think now was the time. I wasn’t ready to write this story yet. I think I still need to learn to listen to my heart more on these matters, to know deep down what I really want to write, not just what I think I should write. Having a good idea doesn’t mean you should write it there and then, necessarily.

So I’ll push myself to hit that 50 000 word mark even if it kills me. But after that, I think I won’t finish the other half of this novel but instead I’ll let this story rest a little while, and maybe dive into something more humorous. I have a little over 3 weeks off work before I leave Australia, so I’ll need something to kill the time.

In the meantime, if you’re still plodding along with NaNoWriMo and wondering if you can make it, the answer is this: yes you can! You’d be amazed what you’re capable of when you really push yourself out of your comfort zone, when you resolve to do something even though all logic dictates that it’s verging on the impossible. Throw yourselves into it fully, because if you started NaNoWriMo you’re already winners!

Good luck in this final week, fellow wrimos! See you at the finish line!

7 thoughts on “Can’t sleep, NaNoWriMo will eat me…

  1. I tend to agree with you. I think it’s hard to try to write a story you’re really not in the mood for. I suppose that’s why I have so many on the go; a romance, an historical, a mystery, a sci/fi, a fantasy – all unfinished, waiting until that inspiration strikes to add a few thousand words more, or actually get finished! Hope you manage to finish whatever inspires you!

    • I am the same way! So many half-finished projects, just waiting for those moments of inspiration to strike to finish them each. I’ve found forcing it makes the effort show up in my writing, when I’m trying to write something I’m not in the mood for. (And btw – congratulations on the move! Glad to hear you’re so happy!)

      • Phew, I am definitely feeling better to know other people are similar when it comes to the way inspiration affects their writing. I agree about it being obvious when you’re trying to force writing you’re not in the mood for – I think this is why I didn’t enjoy my story this year as much, because despite all the planning I made for it I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to let the story flow effortlessly.
        Also, thank you! It’s all very exciting, and approaching so incredibly fast. 6 weeks tomorrow until I leave. 😀

        • Perhaps this will just become a good foundation for the rest of the story to build upon, once you’re in the right place for it!

          And good luck getting everything together before you go! I’m sure it’ll be a whirlwind to pack everything up, but I’m sure you’ll be able to relax and enjoy some good company when you reach your destination 🙂

          • Yeah, I do often think that when I’m not in the right frame of mind for stories, that maybe I can still use what I write later.
            Actually, a month out from my departure date most of my stuff is packed away now. All that’s left is a few things like clothes to pack into a suitcase when I go, but everything else is now sitting in a storage unit until I can afford to ship it overseas. So these last few weeks before I leave might actually slow down, which is kind of…odd. But I will use it to read and write a lot, and to get back into my blog and also reading other people’s blogs! I miss reading everybody else’s thoughts on everything.

    • Glad to know it’s not just me who feels that way. I’m like that with my reading too – always halfway through reading several different books from various genres that all depend on my mood.
      I think inspiration will strike again soon. At the moment I just have so much going on with this impending move, I’m stunned I actually managed to finish NaNoWriMo somehow. 😛

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