Day 11 – A book you hated (30 Day Book Challenge #2)

First of all, this seems far too similar to the post I did the other day on a book I felt is overrated (maybe I picked one of the only books I have genuinely disliked – oops). Really, my answer for this post would be the same as that one, so you can go read it here, if you wish.

On the whole though, I don’t really hate books that I read. If I’m going to hate it, I’ll know fairly early on and stop reading. I don’t see the point in reading books you hate. If I could manage 50 books a year (which lately I can’t), and assuming that I lived at least another 50 years (which statistically I should but who really knows what’ll happen), that only adds up to 2500 books across the rest of my life. Might sound like a lot, sure, but there are millions of new books published each year, and millions upon millions already in existence. So the chance of there being quite a lot more than 2500 books I want to read is pretty high, and so therefore I simply don’t see the point in wasting time reading a book I’d hate, when I could invest that time in a book I’ll love, or at least like or grow from reading.

I know the few pages from one of those 50 Shades books that I read before putting it down to wipe the tears from my eyes from the laughter, those few pages I loathed. I’d say had I had finished any of those books, I would actually hate them. And burn them. But, they’re not worth my energy, really.

What about you? Do you hate any books, and if so why?

One thought on “Day 11 – A book you hated (30 Day Book Challenge #2)

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