Day 14 – Favourite book of your favourite writer (30 Day Book Challenge #2)

I’m only like a bazillion days behind on this book challenge, and with less than 2 weeks in the country and therefore 2 weeks left to finish these posts, it’s catch-up time!

As I remember stating two years ago when I completed this post, this answer should not be mixed up with the final topic, my favourite book of all time. My favourite book is written by a writer who I otherwise struggle to care for (I’ve read a couple of his other novels and they didn’t blow me away). So this is just my favourite book by John Green, who was my answer for the (current) favourite writer topic from the last of these posts.

The Fault In Our StarsAlthough I haven’t finished all his posts, and although my favourite was the first book by John Green I read, I have no doubt in my mind that The Fault In Our Stars will remain my favourite book by him for a very long time to come. He approached such a difficult and sensitive topic, cancer, a topic which affects everybody in some way and which has certainly affected too many people I’ve known and loved over the years, and somehow he brought out a beauty in the way people cope with this. As always, he kept the focus on the characters, not on what was wrong with them, and it is this humanistic focus which makes his stories so powerful, his characters so likeable and his writing so memorable. I laughed so much in this book and then cried a very big ugly cry or two towards the end of the novel, and frankly if a book than can pull you through such a range of emotions isn’t an amazing book, I don’t know what is.

If you haven’t read The Fault In Our Stars, get off my blog and go read it. Now. Right now. It was my favourite book in 2012 for a reason, and I am yet to meet a person who didn’t love it as soon as they read it. An absolute gem of a book.

What are your thoughts on this book?

What’s your favourite book by your favourite writer, and is it the same as your favourite book of all time?

What do you think?

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