Instagram and other adventures in social media

So, after years of refusing to join up (well not so much refusing as just not really even considering it), I’ve finally gone and made myself an Instagram account.

Was it the fact that I’m learning to live an entirely different lifestyle in a very different country to the one I grew up in? Perhaps. Is it a yearning desire to capture these moments as I make this enormous transition in my life? Maybe. Is it because I secretly yearn to be a great photographer. Absolutely not (I mean, if I suddenly gained awesome photography skills I’d be pretty happy about it, but I know I’m not good at it and I’m content to just take pictures of stuff I like regardless of my overwhelming lack of talent).

So I’m pretty useless on Instagram and probably need some help and advice. What are some good things to follow? How can I explore Instagram better? I really don’t know much about it and have only posted a couple of times and added a few people I know. I know when I first joined Twitter, I tweeted only a few times those first two years. In the last two or three years, however, I have tweeted some 6000 times and connected with hundreds of other people, so I did become addicted eventually. I’d like to be able to use Instagram properly sooner, I think.

Of course, now I am considering other forms of social media I could explore. I mean I have a Facebook, but I keep that a lot more personal and I mostly use it to stay in contact with my family and friends back in Australia (and some of my family in England, too), now that I’m living in Sweden. Otherwise I would have long since deleted that terrible thing. But I have been considering things like Tumblr, as well. Is it worth it? Are there other social media places worth checking out (yes, I already have Goodreads)?

Lastly, if you wanna add me on Instagram, I’m on there as theotherwatson (much like my username here on WordPress), and of course I am always looking for more people to connect with on Twitter too – I’m @abritishperson on there. And I forget what I’m on Goodreads as but you can find my page with the Goodreads widget on the side of my page.

6 thoughts on “Instagram and other adventures in social media

  1. I don’t like Tumblr. For the simple fact that my friend has a blog on there and i can only receive email notifications of new blog posts if i join up. I think that is the stupidest thing ever. It severely limits her audience because not everyone wants to join Tumblr! For example, me. I don’t want to join Tumblr. I just want to follow her blog. And i can’t. Unless i join Tumblr. And I’m not going to just because they won’t let me follow her blog without joining. It’s a vicious cycle đŸ˜‰

    • Ohhh that’s interesting, I didn’t know that about Tumblr. I guess I only have followed one or two but I added the sites to my favourites, I never tried to follow them, but yes that is a bit of an issue. I think if I ever did start a Tumblr it would have to be for a very specific reason. Most likely it would just be silly stuff. I need somewhere to vent out my silliness, really. It’s probably dangerous to keep it all bottled up inside. (I’m sure this is usually how people talk about anger, not silliness. Oh well). đŸ˜›

  2. Social media is addicting right? I resisted Twitter for the longest time, but once I signed up, I felt dirty because of how much I liked it. I don’t have Instagram, so I can’t offer any pointers. I’m a terrible picture-taker. I’m just too lazy to take out my phone. Ha.

    • Hahaha, I know what you mean about Twitter. But now I feel that way about Facebook. Twitter I can just be myself, and not have to worry about programs and people finding too much out about me. But Facebook tries to sneak into EVERYTHING. Like when they put my mobile number on my page without asking me. Or when I joined Instagram and I had to say I didn’t want to connect it to my Facebook FIVE times. FIVE! Hahaha.
      I’m terrible at taking photos too. The other day I was like “this would make a great photo” and then I promptly forgot to actually take the photo. Ooops.

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