Introducing My Second Blog – One for list-lovers

Since January 2012, I’ve been informing thousands of amazing readers all over the world of my ridiculous thoughts and feelings on a range of things, most notably books, music, comedy, and occasionally donkeys. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing this and I have no plans to stop it, so don’t worry this blog will continue as usual.

But I have felt a growing desire to start a second blog for some time. Something entirely different to my main blog here, something that would be more creative and more than likely quite silly. I remember growing up as a teenager that I used to read a lot of lists, not only in the form of books like 1001 Books/Movies/Albums to Read/See/Hear before you die, but also in the form of “20 things not to do in an elevator” and other silly ideas like that.

So I decided my second blog would focus on lists. Lists of silly and hopefully funny things that I’ll come up with, but occasionally something more interesting or serious too. But mostly I plan to write fun lists, and most importantly I’ll be writing all of them myself rather than just reposting stuff already out there on the internet.

The new blog is at mostly because my blog is called A Listophile’s Haven (I just dropped the apostrophe and s from the url). Right now it only has one list and the about page has been filled out, but I will be adding more lists over the next few days before slowing down to a couple of posts a week on there (as I have already committed myself to a minimum of three on here).

Go visit my new blog, let me know what you think of it, follow it, leave me comments and suggestions if you want, and please if you like it share it with others and spread the word. I’m quite excited to see what I can make of it, and I hope if nothing else I can put a smile on your faces or maybe even make you laugh!

A Listophile's Haven home page

10 thoughts on “Introducing My Second Blog – One for list-lovers

  1. I love lists. I’m sure I wouldn’t make it through every day without a list. I would get nothing done! Although I do have a habit of getting to something on my list that needs to be done and deciding that I don’t feel like doing it today, it can wait until tomorrow. So I cross it off my list and add it to a new list for the next day! It also serves the purpose of making me feel (and look) like I’ve done lots on that particular day. Thank the heavens for lists!

    • Hahahaha, from the way you use your lists it sounds like you may agree with some of the things I wrote on my 3rd post on the new blog, about procrastination. 😛 But yeah I think it’s what drew me to lists in the end, how much we do use them. That and the fact that it’s an extremely versatile concept when it comes to thinking of new ideas to blog about.

  2. It is fun to venture out into something different. I tried running two blogs but lacked the stamina to keep them up sufficiently. I will trot over and visit your new venture.

    • Ah awesome! I hope you like it – I’m trying to really pump out quite a few posts on it straight away to get it off to a decent start. Also it’s a good way to quickly get a feel for writing the lists so I can keep them fresh, funny, interesting or a mix of all three! 😛

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