A tribute to Rik Mayall

There isn’t much I can say about the passing of Rik Mayall yesterday that hasn’t already been said. It is a huge loss – his unique brand of anarchic comedy, from The Young Ones through to Bottom, Blackadder and movies like Drop Dead Fred, inspired a whole generation of comedians. At 56 it feels he was taken far too early, and as many other comedians have noted on social media (especially Twitter), he was a whirlwind of creative energy that has left a bit of a void all of a sudden.

So, rather than ramble on any more, I’m going to include some of my favourite clips of his here. In order, there is the shop keeping scene from Bottom, then his first appearance as Lord Flashheart in Blackadder, then a scene from Drop Dead Fred (where he plays an invisible friend) and finally a compilation of some of his funniest moments from The Young Ones because it was too hard to pick one scene.

Just a word of warning, some of this stuff might be offensive. Otherwise, enjoy!

R.I.P. Rik Mayall! You’ll be missed.

7 thoughts on “A tribute to Rik Mayall

    • I dare say Lord Flashheart is the greatest cameo role ever! It is a huge loss for comedy, made me very sad. At least he was very active with his comedy making back in the 80s especially and has left a heck of a legacy.

  1. “Wow, cobwebs.” Drop Dead Fred is actually one of my favourite movies from when I was a kid, despite it probably being completely inappropriate for kids. I think I’ll have to try and find my DVD of it and watch it over the weekend. Such a great loss.

    • Hahahaha that bit is so funny! It’s so inappropriate for kids but it does have that childlike wonder feel to it – I think kids probably miss the inappropriate jokes anyway. Kind of like we missed the racism with Looney Tunes cartoons and so on. But yes I’ve been in the mood to watch some Rik Mayall things lately anyway, more so now!

      • The episode of Blackadder was on the other night where he appears at Blackadder’s wedding as Lord Flashheart and ran off with the bride. So funny! I’ve not watched very much Blackadder but I think I’ll get started on it soon.

        • Oh is Blackadder back on TV over in Aus? That’d be right, now I’m not there haha! Blackadder is a brilliant show, but I daresay skip the first series. It’s just not as funny – it was overproduced and some of the characters weren’t quite right – Blackadder himself wasn’t so smart yet. Brian Blessed in it is hilarious but it isn’t enough to save it. But from Series 2 onwards (of which the Flashheart episode is the first one), it is all brilliant. Plus, from that series on, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie also both make regular appearances which is always a good thing.

          • It’s on Foxtel on the comedy channel I think. I have no idea what time or day it’s on – it was just luck of the draw that I happened to land on that one episode the other night.

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