I’m back from a road trip and ready to rock!

I disappeared for a few weeks to go on a road trip around Sweden. I meant to tell you before that I would be off for a while, and I also meant to schedule some blog posts to go up. But the blog posts remain unfinished (mostly finished though, so expect them soon), and I never told you all I was going anywhere until it was too late. So sorry about that.

Anyway, I’ve taken a lot of photos and anybody who follows me on Instagram or Twitter will have noticed me attempting to weave some sort of narrative of my journey to Stockholm, up to the High Coast, across Norrland and back down to my home in Halmstad. Truth be told though, I only put up a tiny snippet of my journey, and a lot of the places I visited have a lot more stories and pictures that I decided to cover in more detail on my blog. So basically what I’m saying is I have probably between eight and ten blog posts to write purely on my roadtrip, all of which will be equal parts words and pictures. Even if you follow me on Instagram, I’ll be sharing different pictures and some places I didn’t even show on there at all. I promise.

I also have a blog hop post coming up very soon, as well as some book reviews and music reviews, so watch this space because the next month or two there will be a lot happening.

Oh, and also despite being most of the month behind schedule, yes I am still trying to beat Camp NaNoWriMo. Because why not?

Anyway, for now, here’s a nice picture I took (from my Insta, I’ll admit) which sums up Sweden pretty well – trees and lakes!

Sweden in a nutshell

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