Camp NaNoWriMo, done in 12 days!

As you might know, I attempted to do Camp NaNoWriMo this month even though I’d be away camping for half of the month (camping while camp is on, hmmm). Somehow, despite knowing the obvious stupidity of it, I didn’t write every single day I was at home, either. As a result, this happened:

Camp NaNo July Graph


You can quite clearly see in the graph above the half of the month I went camping. Then I attempted a desperate comeback towards the end of the month, before deciding I couldn’t be bothered doing it every day. So, at just under 19000 words, I waited until today to finish it in one day, forcing out 11350 words of utterly rubbish short stories in order to reach my goal. BUT I DID IT!

I am now exhausted and feel like I need to sleep for a day, but it’s nice to know I still have it in me to write a crazy amount like that in one day when I have to.

After I’ve rested a bit, I’ll get on with all these other blog posts I’ve been wanting to write for ages! For anybody out there still working on their Camp NaNoWriMo projects, good luck with getting them finished. And if it feels hopeless, just look at my graph – hopefully that’ll serve as a reminder that anything is possible with enough coffee and crazy (I had 8 cups this morning, just so you know).

4 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo, done in 12 days!

  1. WOW. That is really impressive! Happily I got an absolute TON of writing done during July, sadly none of it on my actual Camp NaNoWriMo project. Whoops! Guess I could have counted it all towards the total, but it was mostly editing rather than real writing, so not really in the spirit of the thing.

    Still, all my congratulations to those who actually did it! Serious props for that.

    • Thank you! And hey if you got lots of editing and rewrites done that’s still awesome in itself – I’m such a slacker when it comes to editing. I just run off and write something new instead, but I know I have to behave myself soon and actually edit some stuff if I want to ever publish anything ever.

      But yeah, it is amazing seeing so many people give these NaNo events a go, especially the big one in November. And it’s always amazing to see what people can actually do – last November I was beaten to the 50 000 word goal by one of my students who was only 14. I was stunned. I hope that kid keeps pushing herself, imagine what she could do at my age (late 20s) if she does?!

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