The Conundrum of Multiple Blog Syndrome, or, A Third Blog? Really?

That’s the question I have been asking myself for a couple of weeks now. Am I crazy for wanting to start a third blog when some months I struggle to stay on top of my main blog and my second blog (the lists one) has slowed down to one or two posts a month? Personally I don’t think so, although it probably is true that I am crazy for one reason or another anyway.

I’ve been blogging now for nearly three years, and not only has the blogging world changed a lot in that time but I have changed a lot in that time, as has my blog. This particular one started off as mostly a book blog, also sometimes including music reviews and different writing tips and things (some of my poetry form posts from 2012 are still very popular, much to my own surprise). But lately it’s taken a more personal turn as I’ve come to write about my experiences immigrating to Sweden, as well as just whatever I feel like really. I like the personal feel of my blog, but some of my interests I have been wanting to write about I fear would take over my blog and potentially alienate my readers too.

One interest in particular that I’ve developed this year is cooking and, more recently, baking. Perhaps because I’ve had more time and energy, I’ve made myself learn to cook really nice dinners properly. I’ve been training myself to understand how to adapt different recipes to suit my own tastes, how to make things from scratch and how fresh always tastes a million times better. I’ve started to bake from scratch and now I’m even baking my bread myself. I’m no professional chef, but I kind of like that I’m becoming a self taught cook and I feel like I’m developing my own style of cooking as a result of not being 100% competent in the kitchen just yet.

So, unsurprisingly, I am pondering starting a food blog as my third blog. I am passionate about it, and one thing I have learned is that being passionate about your blog subject is one of the most vital things to a successful blog. My concerns, among many, are things like the fact that does the world really need another foodie blog by somebody who doesn’t really know what they’re doing but is pretty good at pretending he does? But then, if I thought that about a book blog I wouldn’t be a blogger at all now would I?

I think I need to consider more how to make a food blog something unique and typically “me”, as well as making it interesting to others whether they are foodies or not. I also need to think of a good name, which is half the challenge in itself. But if and when I do start this new creative venture, I’ll make sure to post about it on here!

To all my blogging readers, do you keep up multiple blogs? Why did you decide to create other ones? Do you find it challenging to keep all of them updated?

9 thoughts on “The Conundrum of Multiple Blog Syndrome, or, A Third Blog? Really?

    • Ahh that is a good idea! I’m thinking if I focused on two (this one and the food one – the other one I’ll just add things to when I feel like if I don’t delete it completely), then I’ll probably do two posts a week on each one. Any more than 4 posts a week I think becomes too stressful and hard to stay on top of. But yes, I like your theory, it might just work. I’ll definitely try that when I do get the other blog going (which I think I will, but maybe after NaNoWriMo otherwise it won’t happen).

  1. I like that being passionate about something (in this case, cooking) makes you want to write about it! I totally understand that feeling.
    I have thought about starting another blog before, but I don’t think I could post frequently enough about one particular topic to be able to justify it. Also, yes, thinking of a good name would definitely be one of the hardest steps in creating a new blog! Either way, best of luck with your food adventures – I’ll be looking forward to some food posts!

    • Absolutely! My passions have always driven me to write. I find neurology fascinating, for example, and while I don’t blog about it because I’m no expert on it I know enough about it to convincingly put it into my novels and stories so often there’ll be some kind of neurological disorder that will be part of the story when I write fiction. Weird but true.
      I know what you mean about focusing on one topic – I think that’s why this particular blog has branched off into several subjects now. I guess if I did do a foodie blog I would create subtopics, like dinners, desserts, baking, breakfasts etc. The new name is so hard, I never liked the name of my second blog about lists, though I am quite happy with this blog’s name (though occasionally I have to explain the concept of wanton destruction for people to get it). But yeah, I thought about Wanton Cooking or something but then I remember wantons are also food and I don’t want people to think it’s a blog dedicated to the three or four ways of cooking wantons hahaha. So I need something more unique. I’ll think of it soon.
      Thank you, probably late November, early December I’ll start piecing it all together to make the new blog. 🙂

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