A new writing segment that involves YOU!

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the future of my various blogs, in particular this one which is after all my original blog. One thing I have been doing a lot of this year is creating – lots of short stories, poetry and two thirds of a quite awful novel, to be exact. But I haven’t been sharing this on my blog, instead writing about only the manic thoughts of some of the writing challenges I’ve taken on.

Well, it’s time to get back to wantonly creating once more! I want to write short stories that I will put up on here, but here’s where you come in – I want you to tell me what to write. I have plenty of ideas, and for that matter lots of half-finished short stories. But I think it could be fun to write stories proposed by others and to share them with you all.

So here’s the plan:

  • the idea you give me can be about anything you like. I can’t make any promises about genre – often when I write comedy I end up becoming dark and introspective and when I try to write something more serious and realistic I get silly and surreal. Really, I must be honest – the sillier the idea, the happier I will be!
  • The idea should be simple – something you can say in a single line (a bit like a log-line, I guess). Something like “An egotistical pot plant learns a life lesson after a near death experience” for example. A very weird example, but still.
  • If you want, specify a word limit. I plan to keep all of these between 5 words and 1000 words – I’ll naturally lean toward 1000 words if you don’t specify the limit, of course. Only in certain circumstances I might consider going higher than this.

That’s it, really. I want to see first how many ideas I get. I would love to get a lot of ideas from people to build up a bit of a bank from which to choose my stories from. I can’t guarantee I’ll write every idea but I’ll certainly try to if possible. Depending on how many ideas I’ll get, I’ll then decide how often I do these stories and publish them on here. I’m thinking perhaps once a month would be nice but if I get more submissions then of course I’ll increase this amount.

So, send me your ideas in the comments section. Let me take some genius story concept of yours and watch me ruin it with my terrible writing turn it into…a story. Yep.

11 thoughts on “A new writing segment that involves YOU!

  1. How about this: a troubled gnome is kicked out of gnome village, comes across a smart phone and … I’m guessing strange things would ensue.

  2. Hmm let’s see…
    A man is pushed by a friend into a ‘cursed’ chair that brings death to all who sit on it (have you heard of this chair? I hear it actually exists!) His reaction? What happens next? Up to you!

    • Ooooh I like that! Definitely doing something with that one down the track! I’ll make sure to link you to it when I write it. 😀
      Actually it feels a bit like a Goosebumps plot, too, hahaha. In a good way though.

        • Haha, me too, Roald Dahl and Goosebumps explain a lot of my childhood (and, let’s be honest, who I am today too).
          Funnily enough I went wandering through all the books on my tablet I never read (because I still prefer real books), and it turns out I have about a dozen Goosebumps books on there. No idea where they came from but they’re there. Tempted to reread them but I fear they might ruin my fond memories of them (like that time I watched Captain Planet and realised just how bad it really was).

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