My Wedding (Part Two – Magic in the Forest)

A few days ago I posted about my recent wedding to the love of my life, Linnéa, who I met through this very blog on opposite sides of the world so many moons ago. In that post I explained roughly how we created our wedding and used a few photos from our phones to help show snippets of the day.

However, before we even got married, we shot off into a beautiful Swedish forest to take some professional photos of us in our wedding gear. We were extremely lucky as we managed to get the perfect photographer – Jessica Silversaga, a blogger and photographer from Stockholm with some seriously amazing style! Linnéa had been following her for years online so this was really a dream come true for her, and, as I would soon discover, for me too.

I’m going to just show a few of my favourite photos from that session, but if you want to see more photos from this shoot head to her blog here and while you’re there check out her other posts – she really is incredible! I’m not going to say much more, because these pictures say a lot more than any words ever could. So just enjoy!







What do you think? Are we lucky or what?!

10 thoughts on “My Wedding (Part Two – Magic in the Forest)

    • It really is huh? It’s so funny, when you’re there doing it all you never imagine it’s going to come out looking this good – I guess that’s the sign of a talented photographer though. I certainly couldn’t have done anything like this haha.

What do you think?

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