All I have to do to burn 4000 calories each day is walk 10 kilometres!

Fitbit FlexApparently.

I recently was given one of these little Fitbit tracker things as a gift, and I’m quite fascinated by them. Basically, it’s a little computer chip inside a bracelet that you wear at all times, and this one I have, the Flex, measures your steps, kilometres travelled when walking, calories burned each day, and the amount you need to burn and eat based on how much weight you want to lose in a certain time. It even measures your sleeping habits – turns out I’m about as rubbish at sleeping as I thought.

The thing I like about this is that it does take things like weight into account with calorie burning, something that a lot of machines at the gym often don’t. So, due to the fact I’m considerably bigger than my girlfriend, naturally I burn calories a lot faster than her even if we do the same exercise. Lucky me, I guess.

My stats from yesterday - there are more than this, but these are the ones based on goals for each day.

My stats from yesterday – there are more than this, but these are the ones based on goals for each day.

What I didn’t realise, though, is how many calories I can burn quite easily. The starting goal is to walk 10 000 steps a day, which is roughly 8 kilometres (or 5 miles) – it measures steps and distance separately to counter for different step sizes. We’ve decided to aim for 10km per day instead because it’s really quite achievable for us, but by walking this much I am burning over 4000 calories in a single day. I can eat quite well all day and still keep my calorie intake below 2000, so hopefully the weight should fall off as long as I keep the food I’m putting in healthy.

I guess this all shows the way my mind works. Somehow, seeing the numbers like this appear on a screen (you connect the fitbit to a phone or tablet to see your stats each day) not only helps me to keep track of what I’m doing but also motivates me to keep at it. I’ve resisted junk food a lot more these past few days as a result, which is awesome in itself. And when I start losing weight and my calorie burning slows down a little (because I’m not as big), I can use it to stay focused to go all the way towards being healthy. And then, when I’m healthy, I’ll feel like I can throw myself into various parts of my life more fully! Hooray!

So, my question to my readers is, what motivates you to become or keep healthy? Have you used a device or app like this?