Phase one of Operation: Move to Sweden complete

332px-British_Passport.svgAnd in record time!

Phase one consisted entirely of me getting my British passport. Luckily, being born in England, I have had for most of my life dual citizenship in both England and Australia. But my citizenship in England, and thus the European Union, is most important as it’s the key for me to move to Sweden without having to worry about Visas or any of that kind of stuff.

I had been told by many people that to get your British Passport in Australia took 2-3 months. When I went for the interview for the passport, they said it would take about 6 weeks. Anyway, 12 days later, my passport arrived, which seems somewhat impossible. During those 12 days were 2 weekends, so in 6 days my documents and application arrived there, they must have processed it and mailed it back to Australia that very day (the dates on my passport indicate as much) and it arrived 6 days later. I’m sure my Australian passport wasn’t much faster than that!

So with that part of the process down, I now don’t have to think about renewing either of my two passports until I’m in my mid-to-late 30s (a scary thought indeed), as they last 10 years each, so now it’s time to apply for the Right of Residence to live in Sweden, which I have the right to do as a member of the European Union! Once that is processed, I apply for a Swedish ID number, and then…well, then I get a job, a place to live, and I move over there. Kind of crazy, really.

So there’s still lots to do (such as learn the language, ahhh), but the passport coming 2 months quicker than I planned has definitely helped tremendously. And it’s definitely feeling a lot more real now – I love that I could just go live in Britain now, no questions asked, for as long as I want. Now to just add Sweden to that list, and it’ll really feel real.

And yes, the girlfriend and I are counting down the months to being reunited at long last!

Have any of you ever immigrated? If so, for what reasons? How was your experience of it?