Music Monday – That time Colin Hay was on Scrubs

I’m keeping today’s music post short and sweet, as I’m currently looking into different ways to do my weekly music posts to see what works best.

Anyway, tonight Colin Hay (successful in his own right as a solo artist but also famous as the front man for Australian 1980s band Men At Work) was on a music quiz show we watch over here, and my house mate and I began to discuss his songs, before my house mate began playing his songs on the guitar and I pretended to sing along (well, I did sing along, just not very well).

Anyway, the point is, one of the songs that we started playing/singing was the Men At Work song Overkill. It’s an absolutely beautiful song, and recently (well, probably a decade now but whatever) made famous again after Colin Hay himself appeared in an episode of the comedy Scrubs playing the song at numerous points. It’s personally one of my favourite episodes of that show, and I’m pretty sure his appearance and this song have a lot to do with it.

So here’s a clip that someone has stitched up to include all the moments he appears playing the song in that episode in lyrical order. Although I really love the original album version, with blasting saxophones and all, I also love this stripped down acoustic version which manages to retain all the emotion that Hay has worked into the song. Enjoy!