Awards appreciation and some changes to my awards acceptance

veryinspiringblogawardOkay, first of all the awards. Kerilady from My Thought Exactly…! nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award quite a few months back. Then about a month ago I was nominated for it again by A Girl Who Reads from the blog Find A Girl Who Reads. Lastly, I was nominated by Jill London on her self-named blog for, well, one of a selection of awards she was nominated for all at once.

I want to thank all three of these wonderful ladies for sending awards my way – it is always much appreciated and nice to know people enjoy the stuff I have to say on here (even after quite a startling amount of posts). I also want to highly recommend their blogs, all of which are very interesting and thoughtful – if you haven’t checked these out before on your travels through the blogosphere, get the heck off my silly blog and go look at theirs (the links are in the first paragraph). Now. Go on. I’ll wait right here. I’m cooking a roast anyway so I have quite a lot of time to kill. I’ll just whistle a long song, like Bohemian Rhapsody. Or maybe Echoes by Pink Floyd, that’s like 20 minutes long…

Have you looked at their blogs? You have. Good stuff. This is why I like you.

Okay, now on to the second part of this post that I hinted at in my title.

As some of you might know, my life has become ludicrously busy in recent months, and the rest of the year is destined to become even crazier as I build up to some big changes that I can’t quite discuss yet because it’s too complicated but I promise you all I will one day write a blog post about it and you’ll all be like “ohhh now I get it.” But until then, spare time is something I find when I’m supposed to be sleeping, sleep is a distant dream at the bottom of my coffee cup, and I have more pressure being put on me than Queen and David Bowie would have at a concert where they forgot the lyrics to that song.

As a result, finding time to blog at all has proven increasingly difficult. I’m managing to stick to an average of about three posts a week, although some weeks I only find time for two, and this takes it out of me. I miss the days where I could blog four or five times a week with ease, but if I forced myself to do that I simply wouldn’t enjoy it any more, and to me that seems kind of pointless.

What I’ve realised is that when it comes to awards, I’m just not getting around to posting about them any more. I have a weekly music post, a weekly book/writing post, and then the third post tends to be whatever I can think of, and that’s it really. Not only that, but as a fellow blogger pointed out recently, sometimes these awards posts can be quite stressful, especially when you’ve already won a number of these awards and you’re starting to run out of things you can say about yourself or random questions you can ask people. It’s not that I don’t appreciate them – I really do – but I’m starting to see now why some people accept them but don’t post about them, and I’m about to become one of those people I’m afraid.

So I will still accept awards if you wish to send them my way, as I always, always appreciate the thought (though I understand as well if you’d rather send them to people who will continue with the posts). When I get around to it in the near future, I’m going to create a page for my awards with a tab up the top, so it has its own special corner of my blog, and there I will link to my old awards posts, and try and include links to everybody who has nominated me for each award (to the best of my abilities – with several thousand comments, it may be hard to pick up every single person who nominated me).

Wow, this post became longer than I thought. I must be tired (I ramble when I’m tired). So I’ll end it now.

Thank you to everybody who has ever nominated me for an award. And thank you to all my readers, past and present, who continue to amaze me with your kindness, support and encouragement. You all rock!