30 Day Music Challenge Day 5: A band/artist you’d recommend to someone with similar tastes in music

To recommend a band or artist to someone with similar tastes in music is both more fun but in some ways more challenging than advising a person with radically different tastes, because while it’s much more likely that they will enjoy whatever you do suggest, chances are they have already heard it, as well.

And so when thinking of how to answer this topic, I have been trying to think of an awesome band under (or vaguely under) the rock genre, who haven’t been heard by many of my readers. Luckily, being an Australian blogger with a fair majority of my readers from elsewhere in the world, that gives me quite a lot of options, and despite the protests of a small number of fellow Aussies, I personally think we have a pretty awesome rock music scene over here.

The band I am going to recommend is an Aussie band from Perth known as Pond. A psychedelic rock band, they feature an ever changing line-up with several core members who remain, including sharing three members with the band Tame Impala, another psychedelic rock band. This year they released their album Beard, Wives, Denim to critical acclaim, and have taken the touring for the album beyond our local shores to the United States, which is exciting for any musical act from this little island down in this corner of the world.

For a taste of this awesome band, check out the song below, entitled Fantastic Explosion of Time:

13 thoughts on “30 Day Music Challenge Day 5: A band/artist you’d recommend to someone with similar tastes in music

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  2. As someone with a similar taste in music, I’d say that’s a good recommendation! I’d never heard of Pond, but I really like the song you posted 🙂

    • Awesome! I thought you might like Pond actually. If you like that song you’ll probably like the rest of that album, “Beard, Wives, Denim”, as it all has a similar sound and energy. Their other albums change quite a lot in sound, though they’re still good, but this one is my favourite so far. They’ve already announced the name of their next album too, which is crazy (and their other band Tame Impala is working on their second album…productive people indeed). 🙂

      • Cool, I’ll check out “Beard, Wives, Denim.” And I think I vaguely know Tame Impala? I really should listen to more new music 😛

        • You might know Tame Impala – they are much more popular than Pond, as they seemed to achieve much bigger success with their debut album a couple of years ago. They have their second album coming up later in the year, they just released their first teaser for it and its sounding pretty good.
          Hopefully you’ll find some more new music in the remaining few weeks I have of this challenge 😉 Plus after the challenge my Music Mondays will resume, and I’m trying my best to include new music at least every second week in those posts. There’s so much good new music coming out at the moment…and people say music is dead, pffft 😛

    • It has a great energy, doesn’t it? A lot of Aussie bands are the same, it’s something I love about our music scene. Our musicians also don’t take themselves too seriously which I like – they just like to have fun (actually…that just goes for all Aussies in general haha).

        • The one thing we’re missing is a good film industry. I mean, we have a very small film industry, but it just needs more interest from people who can help fund it, such as, you know, the government, hahaha.
          And yep, “No worries, mate” and “She’ll be right” pretty much cover the Australian attitude to everything ever. 🙂

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