30 Day Music Challenge – The Beginning!

Back in January, when my blog was only a couple of weeks old, I began the 30 Day Book Challenge, which helped cement the direction of my blog and, among other things, was a whole lot of fun. Several versions of this challenge have floated around the blogosphere, but essentially it consisted of 30 questions to be answered over 30 days, in the form of short blog posts (I aimed for 300-400 words), and many other bloggers have partaken in this in some form.

A couple of months ago, Tanya from Green Paw-Paw came up with the idea of a 30 Day Music Challenge. I loved this idea, but was a little busy at the time to undertake such an…undertaking. But now I am feeling inspired for this, and after having tweaked some of the questions for my own purposes, I give you my 30 Day Music Challenge!

The 30 days will begin tomorrow and proceed as follows (as I post up each day I’ll change it to a link on this list):

Day 1 : Favourite album of the year so far

Day 2: Best band/artist you discovered in the past year, and how you discovered them

Day 3: Favourite genre of music

Day 4: A band/artist you’d recommend to someone new to your favourite genre

Day 5: A band/artist you’d recommend to someone with similar tastes in music

Day 6: A band/artist you like from a genre you dislike

Day 7: Favourite band/artist from each decade since the Sixties

Day 8: A song/album that makes you happy

Day 9: A song/album that makes you sad

Day 10: Most underrated band/artist

Day 11: Most overrated band/artist

Day 12: A band you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving

Day 13: A band you were recommended by a friend, that you didn’t like

Day 14: Favourite movie soundtrack

Day 15: Best concert you ever attended

Day 16: A childhood favourite that you still listen to

Day 17: Favourite song title/band name

Day 18: Favourite lyrics to a song

Day 19: Favourite album artwork

Day 20: Song you can relate to the most

Day 21: A band you wished more people listened to

Day 22: Favourite instrumental song/album

Day 23: Favourite band/artist to get up and dance to

Day 24: A guilty pleasure band/artist

Day 25: Favourite vocalist

Day 26: Favourite Classical composer

Day 27: Favourite musical instrument

Day 28: Favourite band/artist of all time

Day 29: Favourite album of all time

Day 30: Favourite song of all time

So there we have it! Over the next 30 days I shall be sharing a range of my opinions on music with you all, and I would love for others to join in on the challenge, either on their own blogs (let me know if you do) or through commenting on my posts! I will also continue to post my regular book reviews and other pieces on writing, of course.

Happy listening/reading/writing!

13 thoughts on “30 Day Music Challenge – The Beginning!

  1. Ooo, I feel like finishing mine, now. Maybe I should. It’s a whole lot more fun when you’re giving AND receiving recommendations at the same time. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing your choices!

    • I think you should, for sure! I’d love to hear your opinions on all the topics you never got around to finishing, and as you say, it’s always fun to give and receive recommendations! 🙂
      I have some ideas of my answers to some of these topics! 🙂

      • Oh, alright, then. I’ve always felt guilty about not finishing the challenge. 😛
        Give me a few days to catch up, and I’ll be ready to go! We’ve got something lined up for Writers’ Bloc, as well. As soon as that’s sorted, I’m in. 🙂

        • Hahahaha 😛 I reckon though if you are very busy, just post once or twice a week on the challenge! You still want to be able to enjoy it yourself.
          Awesome to hear about Writers’ Bloc, I was wondering if something was going to happen there! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ll try to keep them as entertaining as possible! (And also not too long and rambley, I want 500 words to be my cut off point, seeing as though I’ll be writing over 30 posts this month!)

  2. Good luck – this is quite a challenge – thinking of all the answers and blogging every day! Cripes! looking forward to reading your posts though 🙂

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